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The Eagle Who Flew the Coop ( Circle of Deceit-Chapter 26)

This is the XXVI chapter of  a mystery series in the “Game of Blogs”. Our team “Kalakaar Colony” is a part of #CelebrateBlogging campaign by Blogadda.   You can read the previous chapter here.

Circle of Deceit : Team Kalakaar Colony : Wild Card Entry ( Level 3) Chapter 26

The Eagle Who Flew the Coop.

Shekar dared to cast a side glance at Jennifer’s flushed face as he opened the door to his apartment. He was able to think logically now and he felt remorse for talking brashly to Jennifer and for suspecting her benevolent intentions.

“I’m really sorry Ms. Jennifer. I shouldn’t have yelled at you or made those allegations. It’s just that I am confused and scared for my daughter. I really don’t know whom to trust”, Shekar said to Jennifer as he offered her a glass of water.

“It’s ok Mr. Dutta. I understand you must be worried, so no offense taken”, replied Jennifer as her eyes roamed over the dozens of photos hanging on the wall. Most of the photos were taken when Roohi was a baby, maybe a year or two, and she was surrounded by her doting parents.

‘What a picture perfect family!’, thought Jennifer and as her eyes finally rested on Shekar’s haggard and tired face, she resolved to do her best and reunite this family, which for some unknown reason had managed to tug at her heart.

“Look, I was talking to you over the phone and Mr. Ahuja was listening to our conversation, a little too keenly if you ask me. And then as soon as I finished talking he was out of the door, almost forcing me out of his house. I am pretty sure that he was going to meet his blogger friend, Legal Eagle. I think we should follow Mr. Ahuja”, Jennifer contemplated as Shekar struggled to keep his weary mind alert.

He knew that he did not have any other clues to follow, so he agreed to go along with Jenny’s plans.

“I left Mr. Ahuja's house around 20 minutes back, so let’s hope that he has not gone too far”, hoped Jennifer as Shekar locked his apartment. They hurriedly got into his car parked in the basement.

The Gods were smiling down on Jennifer that day because her prayers were answered. As soon as Shekar’s car turned the first cross near his house, he saw Aryan’s familiar Black Honda City zoom past the next intersection.

“He sure seems to be in a hell lot of hurry”, Shekar pondered as he stepped on the accelerator of his own car.


“Dad, any news about Roohi?” Tara managed to keep her voice steady even though her hand holding the diet coke was trembling slightly.
In her arduous yet successful career, Tara had learned to trust her instincts and right now her instincts were screaming and telling her that her father knew about her involvement in her own daughter’s kidnap.

“Tara, can you come to my house? I need to talk to you about an important matter immediately”, Mr. Gupta’s voice was grave and stern.

“Dad, I can’t talk to you now. I am dealing with some critical matter.”

“Yes, so critical that you couldn’t meet the General, even if that meant it could help in tracing your daughter? Tell me what’s more important than finding Roohi right now?” Mr. Gupta’s voice was steely enough to make Tara shiver in fear. She had forgotten how imposing her father could be.

“I’ll be there in few minutes”, was what Tara managed to speak as she disconnected the call and left the restaurant flustered and in panic, her diet coke and omelet long forgotten.

What else did Mr. Gupta know but was not disclosing over the phone? Mr. Gupta had not ascended to the top of his business by being gentle as a lamb.  He was known to be ruthless and unrelenting to his adversaries. Would he spare his own daughter?


Aryan was excited and exalted at the same time as he manipulated his car effortlessly through the potholes and the traffic. But what he failed to notice in his agitated and preoccupied state of mind was the other car following him closely yet, far enough so as to not raise any suspicions in Aryan’s mind.

Aryan received a call on his mobile. It was his assistant who was calling back with the details of the quarry.

“A train ticket is booked in his name for Delhi and I must say that this guy is travelling cheap. Also he has locked himself up in a discreet and paltry lodging, Hotel Descent in Room 202.Do you want any other information, boss?”

“No thanks, I can take this further “, replied Aryan as he took a sharp left turn.

‘So the eagle has flown the coop’, thought Aryan smugly who felt particularly snobbish at tracking down Legal Eagle.

He was close to cracking this case, he knew it. Aryan was very rarely wrong when solving a case and he knew in his bones that this case was a foul one and Roohi could not have been kidnapped without the help from an insider, a family member.

Was Aryan’s hunch right? But why would anyone want to hurt sweet, little Roohi?

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