Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Product Review for Matrikas Paper Products

Books are magical because they take you to a far away land, that you would have otherwise never imagined to exist. They tell you stories, they make you cry, they make you laugh out loud, they make you sit on the edge of your seat in suspense and sometimes they keep you awake all night in fear, long after you have read that horror book.

Although I rarely write using paper and pen these days, I love collecting diaries and I remember when I was in college I used to maintain a diary (inspired by Dear Diary digests of Betty Cooper). And in this diary I used to write down every single crush of mine. I was petrified that it would, one day, fall in the hands of my brothers and then there would be a major row. But fortunately my brothers were never interested in the silly stuff that I wrote in my diary.

I also wrote a lot of short stories, inspired by the Nancy Drew books that I eagerly read. How I wish I could return back to writing on the good old paper, but I know my illegible writing would be difficult to understand, even by me. But somehow I felt this odd urge to pick up a pen and start writing again.

So when I received a collection of stunning books from Matrikas, I was extremely happy and excited. I promised myself that I would write in it-such pretty books deserve words to be written within it. But first I stared at the lovely covers and all the information that was given in it. And of course I flipped the pages and smelled it. I do love that amazing book-ish smell that new books emanate and sometimes I feel that it’s so good that it should be bottled J

I loved the cute diary which comes with a band. I imagine it would deter any inquisitive eyes that would want to read my diary. Of course my indecipherable handwriting would make this an impossible task otherwise too. But somehow the band securing the diary gives out a strong message- “Stay away pesky noses”.

I also loved the Shirdi Sai Baba notebook and that’s because I went for that option during my registration in Matrikas Blogger Outreach Program. I am not overtly religious but I have strong faith in Shirdi Sai Baba and when I received this book, I immediately knew what I would use it for. For some time now, I planned to write a full length novel- I have the idea, the characters, and the plot, everything in my head. But unfortunately I lack the discipline to sit and write and so, I have been giving a whole lot of silly excuses not to write, like not having the ideal notebook to start writing in. When I saw the Shirdi Sai Baba book, I knew that my plot would evolve in this book.

The cover feels so smooth to touch and it also has a short biography of Shirdi Sai Baba inside the book. Also I loved the handy pages where I can list the books I want to read, work to be accomplished and places to visit.  It kind of gives a personal touch to your notebook.

The last book that I had in my hand was the “Toss and Turn” notebook with an eye-catching blue cover. The 6 subject notebook that I received had an illustration of an old traditional game called “Tiger and Goat”, which honestly I had never heard of before. For people like me, unaware of how to play this game, the back end page explains the rules and instructions. 

Wow, I wish I had this notebook during my engineering days. It would have definitely made the dull and dreary afternoon theory classes more interesting. The Toss and NRUT book was my favorite because of its dazzling cover and the interesting game combination. It’s like I had knowledge and entertainment bundled in one package.

I loved all the three books that I received as part of this program. The covers of the book were unique and interesting, the pages of the notebook were of excellent quality and the diary organizers were thoughtful and helpful.

Matrikas products are elegant, convenient to use with appealing covers.

To register yourself and receive such wonderful books, all you have to do is click on the below link (Open till 6th October)


  1. i love such elegant diaries and journals! lovely :)

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