Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April A To Z Challenge Day 20- T is for Ten Things I Want To Accomplish In My Life

No, this is not a bucket list but rather a list of things I want to accomplish at some point in my life. Ok, fine. It is a bucket list but most of the points mentioned are not great things. They maybe inconsequential but yet, somehow, I have never done them in my life. So without much ado here are the ten things I want to accomplish somewhere in my future.

·       Learn swimming. I’m a Piscean, a water body and I don’t know swimming. I’m actually fascinated with swimming but every time I get down in the swimming pool, except for some thrashing around I cannot swim to save my life. I also want to discover the underwater world but for that I would have to swim. Sigh!

·         Go to a movie alone- yes, I’m one of those who feel awkward if I have to watch a movie alone. But I want to go out alone, buy a big popcorn packet, a coke and watch the movie without any company.

·         Travel alone- so this obviously comes after watching the movie alone and I’ll surely try visiting a new place, discover the new locales at my own leisure and eat whatever I want, wherever I want.

·         Write a novel- I have written earlier too, about how I have always wanted to sit down and write a full length novel. Capture the ideas buzzing in my head incessantly. Some day in the future I will surely accomplish this.

·         Learn driving. Ok, this might look silly, but I have extreme road fear. When I am travelling as a passenger I literally hold on to the car seat as the driver twists and turns in the traffic. There’s only one way to overcome the fear and that is to place myself in the driver’s seat.

·         Meet J K Rowling. Wouldn’t it be awesome, I think I would faint with extreme happiness and overexcitement. Just thinking about that moment makes my heartbeat race. I would like to hear the whole story behind the making of Harry Potter and how she fabricated each character in her mind.

·         Learn dancing and enroll myself into a proper dance class. I love dancing and it’s the only form of exercise that I enjoy. When I dance I forget myself, the world I live in and I’m transported into a different world. And that’s the magic of dance for me.

·         Build a library of books. This has been a dream but I have never confessed because once, I told this to my friend and he laughed about it. I want to own a place where people can come, pick up a book of their choice, put their feet up, order a coffee or tea, read and discuss about books. I don’t know if this is commercially viable, but I want to have a place where books can be enjoyed in a leisurely manner.

·         Take my family on a world tour. Or rather a tour of Europe. I love Europe and its scenic locales. It has been my dream to take my family, especially my mother, who has worked so hard throughout her life on a trip to all the dream destinations in Europe.

·         Get into a profession that I love. Well I am in IT now and after a decade I have realized that I am not cut out for IT. Yes, duh! J But I want to find a profession where waking up every Monday and thinking about going for work won’t be a torture.

So this is my bucket list. Is there something that you have always wanted to do, but never did because of a phobia or because of procrastination. Come on, tell me J


  1. Oh my God ! so many common ones...

    I have learnt driving thrice and I'm still petrified of driving..I fear I'll hit a biker on purpose or I'll hit a pedestrian...I want to learn swimming but I'm afraid I will never! And library, writing a novel, a job that I actually love what can I say I want those too!

    T for Tired-Random Thoughts Naba

  2. I also want to do everything u mentioned except the 'write a novel' and 'Travel alone' and 'Learn driving'...because I have travelled alone and know how to drive.. I do not want to write a novel :D

    Love ur bucket list.

    I want to go to Africa.. :D and also Bungee jumping!

  3. I love swimming ! and just enjoy myself, now i taught my daughter to swim too, i ride bike, i am yet to learn to drive car, i love books and agree with you for a library, would like be a perfect inspiring blogger, trying to be .... love to visit egypt, israel, switzerland and paris with family.

    agree with you for dancing,i would add hindustani vocal, always want to sing .. nice reading your thoughts

  4. All the best! May you accomplish most, if not all these things.

  5. Oh I hear you Prasanna! Apart from the J.K Rowling bit (I haven't read even a page of Harry Potter), we are so alike. Swimming has been on my list since like forever!

  6. I have done almost all the things on your list :) the world tour is remaining and also meeting J K :) Lovely list

  7. the world tour is the one that tops my list!

  8. Most of them r matching to mine
    I Am scared of water bodies and never went to movie or travel alone. But wud love to do both :)
    How good it will be to meet JKR :)
    am least adventurous but I keep jotting these too. Wish I do atleast half of them

  9. Oh Prasanna - what a great T!! Loved reading about it! I want to learn more Hindi - and more dancing and yoga:-) Happy to see that a trip to Europe is on the list - let me know:-) :-) :-)

  10. Very much achievable goals, Prasanna. Good luck for all of them. I would like to learn to dance and bake cakes!! :)

  11. Fab list you've got here Prasanna , all the best :)
    I have just learnt swimming in a 3 week course and have been wanting to for a while so that's made me happy. I'd like to travel all over India and the world in a beautiful motor home. I'd like to act :) and I love singing and would love to be able to do more of it and so many other things...Hazaaron khwahishein aisee ki har khwaahish pe dum nikle :)

  12. Babes.. going to movie alone, travelling alone, learning to dance, library, write a novel.. Yes Yes Yes.. Me tooo..

  13. These are all lovely and extremely do-able. I will vouch for # 1. I learnt swimming at the age of 32! And now, I actually manage to teach close friends how to swim :) So, yes, it is possible. Go for it. All the best for all your dreams and your list :)

  14. hey most of our wishes match ;-) wel except for d fact that i do knw swimming and driving :D n haaving a library of my own wil b on top of d list. that wud b such a bliss

    1. Next time I am in Shimoga you have to teach me swimming then. Done deal :)

  15. Awesome... lovely wishes and I couple of things matched :)

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  16. I have done just about everything on your list including taking up dancing as a surprise for my husband who has incredible rhythm. The dance instructor gave me my money back and said there was no hope for me -- when I got the courage to tell my husband of the surprise I had for him that didn't pan out, he laughed so hard.

    Carol @ Battered Hope

  17. Meeting Rowling would be really fun and World tour is in my list :) Hope you achieve all of them