Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie

Plot: There's a serial killer on the loose, bent on working his way through the alphabet. And as a macabre calling card he leaves beside each victim's corpse the ABC Railway Guide open at the name of the town where the murder has taken place. Having begun with Andover, Bexhill and then Churston, there seems little chance of the murderer being caught - until he makes the crucial and vain mistake of challenging Hercule Poirot to frustrate his plans

Goodreads Page:  The A.B.C. Murders

So I am determined to get through the Agatha Christie novels that are lying unread on my bookshelf. And her books have that quality where you start reading one of her books and get addicted to the whole series. You can read my short review of Peril At End House which is the 8th in the Hercule Poirot series. The A. B. C. Murders is the 13th and differs slightly in its narrative strategy. Most of the Poirot stories are narrated by his companion Arthur Hastings, but in this book the narration also includes the personal commentary of the killer. Poirot is challenged by a killer who sends him letters informing him of the murders that he plans to commit. The killer adopts an alphabetical complex for his murders beginning with the first murder of Mrs.Ascher in Andover. As in other Christie novels, this novel also includes a complete mind-boggling twist in the end that is revealed in Poirot-esque dramatic manner. And to compete with Poirot’s detective skills is the young officer from Scotland Yard Inspector Chrome , who has already caught a serial killer in his previous case and considers himself an expert in serial murder cases.

I am a self-confessed lover of serial murder plots so I obviously loved the twists and continuous guessing game in the book. My next Christie book is going to be a Miss Marple case, meanwhile any other suggestions on Poirot series?


  1. I would read anything by Agatha Christie! Have your read 'The Mousetrap'? Do read.

    As for Poirot, 'Murder On The Orient Express' is quite wonderful.

    1. Thanks Soumya for the recommendation. I have started on Murder of Roger Ackroyd. I'll pick up this book next :)