Friday, May 15, 2015

Managing Airtel Services Through #MyAirtelApp

A Smartphone has become an absolute necessity for me. When my home network stops working, I’m completely clueless about what to do next-I feel like I’m marooned on a far away island. J

I rely on the mobile internet to keep me connected and updated about the news around the world as I hardly have time to sit and read the newspaper in the morning. And that’s why I need a reliable and good connectivity network that will work, no matter where I am. My husband uses a SIM from a service provider for many years now, and every time we go to Shimoga, his hometown, there’s so much problem with the connectivity that it’s impossible to get uninterrupted network within the house.

I have been using an Airtel SIM for almost as long as 12 years and I love the clear network connectivity I receive no matter where I travel. I also love the services they provide for their users. Recently I downloaded #MyAirtelApp on my phone and I must say that it has made my life much easier and simpler.

My Airtel app lets me manage all my Airtel products like my prepaid SIM connection, DTH, broadband anywhere, anytime through my Smartphone. This app can be downloaded on any Android or iOS phones through the Google play store or app store. The download takes only few minutes and after you have installed the app on the phone, it allows you to pay bills, recharge online, activate 3G on your prepaid/postpaid connection, get coupons on recharging, avail special offers, raise any requests/complaints and so much more.

So here are 3 features of this app that I love –

Recharging my prepaid mobile SIM and my broadband connection.

I have several SIMs and a broadband connection and it has become tedious to keep track of the balance on each of these connections and also the due date before which I need to pay the bills. But My Airtel app allows me to view the balance and validity information for all my Airtel products, including prepaid mobile and broadband connection, and allows recharging using my phone. This has lessened my headache of remembering the dates when I have to recharge and it has reduced my fear of my broadband connection failing due to low balance or validity period expiration. My Airtel app allows me to manage both my mobile SIM and broadband connections in one place and allows me to organize the bill payments.

Managing my 3G plans and usage of 3G data.

I use a lot of mobile internet for checking on emails, connecting on Facebook/Twitter, reading blog posts and commenting on other blogs. My Airtel app helps me to select a 3G plan that best suits my needs. I can recharge my 3G pack and also check on the usage details on the phone. And the best part is I can set an alert for my 3G usage so that every time I exceed the usage limit on my plan, I get a notification.

Managing my Airtel broadband connection

Now, anyone who has a broadband connection at home knows how tedious it is to pay broadband bills or keep a track on the usage of internet. But with the Airtel app, I can not only pay bills in an instant but also I can check on the detailed bill and view the payment history on my broadband. I can also view any outstanding bill amount on my account. And the best advantage of using the #MyAirtelApp is that I get special offers each time I shake my phone.

I have started using the Airtel app and managing my prepaid and broadband connections have become much easier and hassle-free. Have you downloaded the app? No? What are you waiting for? Go on, you can download it here-

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  1. Great!! I have also used this app which is good to manage data usage and broadband connection. Thanks for sharing the features of myAirtelapp.