Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge- Chapter 20- The ball's in your court

I'll Be There Beside You 
Chapter 20

Today’s Idiom – The ball's in your court

Meaning- If somebody says this to you, they mean that it's up to you to decide or take the next step.

After Asha aunty left our house, my mother requested me to think thoroughly before reaching a decision. She said that she’d’ve never gone ahead with the proposal if she was not completely convinced that Lalitha was innocent. And then she said that everyone in life deserved a second chance and with time, care and unconditional love from me and my family, Lalitha would heal and return to being the cheerful, confident girl that she had once been.

The ball was in my court and I had to decide if I could spend my life with Lalitha. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Lalitha would have remnant emotional scars that would resurface every now and then. It would take a lot of patience and understanding and I was not sure if I was ready for that kind of commitment. Of course I loved Lalitha but I wanted to make an informed decision and not get carried away by emotions and repent later.

I was aghast at learning that Bala uncle and Asha aunty had never taken Lalitha for therapy after that tragic episode in her life. But my mom reasoned that the Shastris’ had probably been more worried about the society and they struggled to keep the controversy in wraps. 

Was it too late to try therapy for Lalitha? She had been carrying the wound for more than a decade now. When I asked my mother why Lalitha never confessed about this incident with me, she said that Lalitha had very little recollection of that harrowing night. The fact that neither her parents spoke about it nor did they encourage her to discuss her emotional distress with them had made Lalitha bury the whole incident deep in her subconscious mind.

I felt guilty for thinking that Lalitha and her family were trying to take me for a ride. The sun set in the horizon but yet the turmoil in my mind kept raging like a wild fire. Hoping to clear my head, I decided to get some fresh air, walking on the familiar streets of my town.

I don’t remember for how long I kept walking, absorbed in my own thoughts, but when I decided to finally turn back and return home, it was dark and quite late. As I maneuvered the narrow alleys, trying to dodge the treacherous potholes I noticed a shadowy figure a little distance ahead of me. My pulse quickened as I saw the tall, svelte lady walk confidently with a slight swagger.

The penny dropped as the last piece of the puzzle fell into its place.

“Lalitha, Lalitha” I cried. But Lalitha or Monica, whoever she was, took flight and bolted into a side alley. I ran behind her knowing very well the danger that I was putting myself in.

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  1. The puzzle fell in place? how? when? what did I miss? I am dying of curiosity Prasanna. Super tale you weave here :)
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  2. Oh wow! Tomorrow must come soon :)

  3. woa.. I wonder if she is suffering fro multiple personality disorder :) waiting for the next episode :)

  4. Missed a few before. Read and is back! Brilliant the story has evolved so far! Way to go, Prasanna!

  5. Ohhhh! Who is that now?? I'll be biting my nails till I read the next chapter now!!

  6. The puzzle fell into place? How? What? When? Where? Or do you mean that he recognized Lalitha/Monica as that figure ahead of him?
    P.S. I like how you are handling this story. Keep writing.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  7. This is interesting. But the puzzle hasn't fallen into place for us!

  8. Puzzle solved for him but for us? I am glad I got to read this back to back ;)