Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Valentine This Season- Asus ZenFone

All through my adolescent years February 14 was a day that I loved and hated with equal fervor.  I longed to have a boyfriend who would make me feel special on this day, who would take me out for a dinner and pamper me, a man who would tell me how grateful he was to have me in his life. But alas, that day and that kind of man never came into my life. I consoled myself with the fact that I would celebrate this day of love after my marriage. If not boyfriend then my husband would be the perfect Valentine who would whisk me off into the moonlit night and confess his deep and unconditional love for me.

So you can imagine my horror when on the first Valentine’s Day after my marriage, I asked my husband what special plans he had schemed for me and he replied nonchalantly that he did not believe in Valentine’s Day. He said it was a culture from West that we Indians had blindly adopted. My heart broke into million pieces and I secretly thought that this was just his ploy to escape from the expenditure he had to incur on this day.

It took me 5 years of being married and 5 Valentine’s days of moping and looking morose to realize that I did not need someone else to make me feel cherished. My husband argued that he didn’t require one special day to love me and that he loved me all 365 days of the year. While it is true that one does not require a day from the calendar to profess one’s love for his/her partner, amidst the hectic and busy lifestyle that we lead, we often forget to demonstrate our affections for our loved ones. That one affectionate touch, that one love-filled look, that one earth-shattering kiss, that one reassuring hug is somewhere lost in the life fraught with stress.

This year, on Valentine’s Day, I decided that I have had enough of waiting for others to pamper me. Before expecting others to love me, I have to love myself, unconditionally, accepting my faults and my shortcomings. I decided to pamper myself. I took some time off to relax and rejuvenate in a spa and seeing that, like every year, my husband forgot to gift me, I decided to gift myself a sleek and ultra-stylish Asus ZenFone.

 After going through the loaded features of this smart phone, I realized that it was the perfect Valentine for me. When I have Asus ZenFone beside me, I am sure to receive the unconditional love that I have always craved for on Valentine’s Day. And here are some of the awesome feature of this phone that made me go gaga over it-

Consistent incredible performance- I have lost count of the number of times when my husband took me out for dinner and instead of having a conversation with me he’d be busy with office calls, completely ignoring me. When he realized that I am annoyed he’d try to amend and make up for his fault. But with Asus ZenFone, I’m sure to receive its undivided and impressive performance each time I use it. With an Intel Atom 2520 processor, the phone promises to deliver best performance and super efficiency without compromising on the battery life.


Simplicity – I’ve heard so many times, my friends mentioning about a superb date with a guy who they thought to be perfect and then at the end of date the guy promised to call. My friends would wait near their phones for the next few days, waiting for the call that never came. Dating guys is a complex game of waiting and watching.  But operating an Asus ZenFone is child’s play. It uses intelligence technology that makes my life so much easier and simple. I can do multi-tasking with my eyes closed. It’s that easy!


Reliability and long lasting relationship- A relationship with a guy is fickle. I never know when my man may lose his interest in me and in this competitive, faithless world I have to strive hard to keep myself fit, dress smartly and present myself with confidence. But an Asus ZenFone is reliable and I know that its battery will never give up on me. Its energy efficient processor allows me to talk, watch videos or listen to music without having to worry about low battery.  


Flexibility and compatibility to adjust with my moods- Guys always complain about their girlfriend’s volatile moods and they often chalk it up to PMS. But we girls have so much pressure and responsibilities to bear on our petite shoulders.  We just want our partners to understand us and stand beside us when we are upset. And that’s what Asus ZenFone does! With interchangeable phone cases with multi-colored options, I can personalize my phone to suit my mood and personality.  


Sleek stylish and ultra-sensitive responsive- No longer do I have to worry about my husband’s dismal taste in personal fashion or cringe when I see him in his khakis for a formal dinner. Because I have my sleek and stylish phone to flaunt. With a superior design that is sure to create awe, I will be the proud owner of Asus ZenFone. If you have it, flaunt it!


So all men and women who take their partners for granted this Valentine’s Day, you better be warned. You have competition in the stunning Asus ZenFone.

                                    The #UnconditionalLove with Asus ZenFone

This post was written for Asus ZenFone Happy Hour contest hosted by Indiblogger.

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