Sunday, February 1, 2015

Grab The Second Chance That Life Throws At You

Procrastination is not a trait that I am particularly proud of to possess but it is definitely a part of my characteristics. Every year my New Year resolutions contain items that were put off from the last year and invariably end up in the list for the next year too. But this year I am adamant to at least strike off some of the things that I have been relegating to the future.

Have you watched the movie Dasvidaniya? I have and it was interesting to watch a man with limited time in his life try to check off the things in his bucket list. Do I have a similar bucket list? Of course I do but unfortunately none of the things are ticked off the list. What if I find myself in a similar situation like Vinay Pathak in the film? What if I found out that my days are numbered? Would I want to fulfill some of the desires that I never found time for? Would I crave to risk my life on an adventurous journey? Yes, I would! I would do everything that my heart wished for.

With a second chance to live my life, I would unquestionably want to accomplish these below three things in life. I have been procrastinating them for a long time because of trivial reasons like shortage of money or time but I have realized that there is no right time like now.

Take a solo vacation- I have never travelled alone and every time I think of having the independence of deciding what I want to do on a vacation and not be dictated by time or a schedule of a family member, my heart leaps with joy and excitement. I love spending time with myself, so there is no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy my solo vacation. I would love to travel to Switzerland, Venice, Rome and Italy. I would eat what I want, visit the places that I liked, stay in places that I love and if I so wanted I would just spend the whole day lazing around. It would be adventurous but it would be exhilarating and liberating too.

Write a full length novel- Ok, so I have been postponing this from a long time. When I worked professionally I would complain that I didn’t have enough time and now that I am at home, I complain that I don’t have enough motivation to write. Although a million ideas run in my mind, I don’t have the discipline to sit, plan and write a full length novel. When I read blog posts from writers about how they follow a dedicated writing schedule, I wish I had their discipline and their perseverance. I would love to see my words in print and my name amongst famous and successfully published writers.

Open a book house- As a child when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said I wanted to become a librarian, and they would stare at me strangely. A librarian is not particularly a lucrative profession but for a bibliomaniac, like me, it is a dream profession. An unlimited access to books and plenty of time on hands to read as many books as I want-what more do I want? But with my friends joining Engineering course and earning high salaries by being software engineers, my mind wavered. I went with herd mentality and decided for a hefty paycheck, sacrificing my love for books. But even now, when I allow my mind to wander, I dream of being surrounded my millions of books and having company with like-minded people. If I was given a second chance to opt for my career, I would want to open a library where people can wander in, select a book, and if they so desire, they can put up their feet, drink a cuppa, and relax with a book. For a mother, like me, with no peace at home and my kid clambering all over me whenever I pick up a book to read, this kind of library is a heavenly sanctuary.

There are only a few handful people who can say they don’t require a second chance in their life to accomplish whatever they have repented not doing. And I have listed out the three things in my bucket list that I wish I could do, if I was given a second chance in life. What are the items you would want to strike off in your bucket list?

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  1. I love the library idea ;) Lets buy book bonanza :D n of course, i want a autographed copy of your full length novel :P