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Healthy Child, Happy Parents

March 29, 2012- This was the day I was reborn. No I am not being overly dramatic. But right until the minute when I actually saw my baby and held her in my hand, I never completely understood the meaning of the word- mother. And it took me sometime to take in the gravity of the situation. I was responsible for the little human being and I, who thought that life was one big party and that one could survive forever on Maggi and Fanta, would be held accountable for the well being of a child.

I don’t know when I went from being a cool mom to a panicky, anxious mother. Maybe it was the first time when I realized that my ten day old baby had not pooped for three days and I had to use a rectal suppository for her and wait for the “end result” to show. :)

Or maybe it was the first time she developed a fever and I was awake the entire night applying damp cloths to her forehead and wishing that I could somehow transfer all her suffering and pain to myself.

Or maybe it was the first time she fell down and I saw her blood covered mouth. I was trembling all over and my hand wouldn’t stop shivering as I tried ineffectively to stop the blood flow.

Or maybe it was the first time she fell down from the bed and landed on her head. As I was trying to comfort her, her eyes rolled upwards and I actually felt my heartbeats stopping. As I panicked and cried out her name, a shrill shriek rose from her throat and I sent a silent word of thanks to the God above. She had not suffered any concussions.

Her addiction to chocolate shows, right?

As a mother of a two and a half year old girl, I know the meaning of “Healthy Child, Happy Home” statement. When my daughter is down with cold and fever, I feel like I have been to hell and back. Not only it breaks my heart to see her tiny body shivering in the night, but the physical strain of taking care of her and nursing her back to good health takes a toll on me. How I wish that my child would never fall sick, how I wish that she would be blessed with good health all through her life.

My daughter, a few hours after she was born

But I know that it’s not realistic. Children will be children after all, so when her eyes fall on a delicious ice-cream she plunges and devours it. The same goes for chocolate and other sweets and junk foods. It’s impossible to keep her away from unhealthy food. So the best way is to let her have some amount of food that she craves for, and at the same time give her fruits and vegetables.

I also give her two spoons of Dabur Chyawanprash every day. This helps to boost the body’s immunity naturally. It helps that she is fond of the flavor and happily eats it. The early years are very important in building the physical and mental capabilities of a child. Diet, exercise and plenty of sleep are vital in the growing years of a toddler.  But in this age the easy availability of junk food and processed food, makes it difficult to provide wholesome nutritional food.

A healthy happy child

Ayurvedic supplements like Dabur Chyawanprash, helps in strengthening the body’s defense mechanism. Childhood is a significant and a wonderful phase for everyone and no one wants to have a childhood that was spent in bed recovering from infections. So make your child’s most enjoyable days memorable and let them have a carefree, healthy childhood. A healthy child makes for happy parents and a blessed home.

This post was written for Indiblogger's Dabur Chyawanprash contest.

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