Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Home My Paradise- Makeover with

I've been thinking of redoing my house for long and now that I have quit my job to become a homemaker, the desire to renovate my abode is stronger than it ever was. I stare at the bare walls and think of all the décor items that I can buy and adorn my home with. This year marks the 3rd year anniversary of us moving into our home and this definitely calls for a celebration and makeover, no?

When we moved in to our apartment in 2011, my husband and I did not have many ideas for home décor. I was pregnant with my daughter and I was planning to move to my mother’s place in Mangalore for my delivery. So we put all furbishing ideas on a back burner and decided to buy all furnishing items after I came back with our baby.

The first thing that we brought for our home was a sofa. Nothing fancy- a comfortable wooden sofa with cozy cushions where I could spend hours, contentedly watching television or catching up on my reading. Of course I had forgotten that babies grow up and tend to occupy your favorite spot, eating, drinking and essentially spending all their waking hours in “your spot”.

So that’s why the first item that I would love to buy from is a comfortable bean bag and I know the perfect place where I could place it too. Right next to my book shelf!

Browsing through this link, I found a bean bag that caught my eye for its vibrant color. It looks so inviting too. I can imagine myself, after a hard day at work, relaxing on this bean bag, with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in another. Bliss!

Repose Modha Bean Bag Cover - XXXL from Repose- Product Code: MMH00000003724

And this is my book shelf that it is almost brimming over with books.  Make My Home wouldn’t be selling any wall-to-wall book shelves, I wonder, because that’s what I would really need J

One of the few woodwork items that we bought when we moved into our dream home is the large TV/display unit. But somehow, as I stare at it with a deepening frown, I realize that it looks too simple and dreary. What it needs is a contemporary and chic redo that will give it a new appeal.

And what caught my eye was this The Yellow Door Round Oil Burner with a beautiful abstract design cutout. Isn’t it splendid? I think my living room would look mesmerizing under its soft lights.

The Yellow Door Round Oil Burner  from Yellow Door-  Product Code: MMH00000001518

It’s really difficult to select just 3 items to renovate my house with, because everything that I see in makemyhome site is so beautiful and exquisite. I was in a dilemma over an ethnic Aapno Rajasthan lantern and a wall mount set of miniature pots from the same brand.

The lantern has an old-world charm 

Then my eyes fell on the bare walls next to the cane swing and I knew that I had to have the wall mount set. So with a last longing look at the charming lantern, I decided that the last item on my wish list would be the below set of miniature pots.

Aapno Rajasthan Wallmount Set Of Miniature Pots  from Aapno Rajasthan
Product Code: MMH000000021394

The bare walls screaming for renovation and a makeover !

My home is a place where I can relax, where I can be myself, where I can see my daughter play, learn and grow. Home is my paradise, a blissful heaven. My home reflects my style- simple, refined and chic.

I think this song from Saath Saath echoes how I feel about my home. Home is where my heart is!

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  1. Love your book shelf and your oil burner... I think I like all houses that have a home for books in it :) Btw you are from Mangalore? So are you a Konkani? We should bond over Konkani food too then :P

    1. Thanks Seeta. I'm not Konkani but I have been surrounded by Konkani folks all my life. And I love Konkani food especially the Gasshis :)

  2. Amazing and creative decor. Bahala channagide!