Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Black Beauty

Whoever said “Black is beautiful” had his/her thoughts in the right place. No other color evokes so many adjectives in my mind. When I look at black the word that comes immediately to my mind is stylish. And then black is also intrigue, cryptic, sleek and sexy. Plus black makes me look thin. Now, I don’t know of any other color that can boast of so many attributes attached to it.

But I guess not everyone is of the opinion that black is beautiful. My adolescent teenage years were spent in squandering quite a fortune in the pursuit of a fairness cream that could magically turn my brown-duskish skin into a pearly white. You know, how they show in those advertisements where the waif like girl promises that the XYZ cream that she is promoting can incredibly turn any “Indian” skin tone to gora-gora complexion. Duh!

Well, it took me more than a decade to get comfortable in my own skin and invent my own witty comebacks to those aunties who never fail to comment on my skin tone at any gathering or functions. My skin will never be “fair and lovely”, but #whattheblack, I am still a successful, strong, contented women who lives her life on her own terms. So all those adverts trying to insinuate that to achieve your dreams you need to be fair or handsome, is utterly crap!

Now, enough of those pestering aunties and let’s get down to the list of 5 drool-worthy things in black that I would absolutely love to own. 

     Little Black Dress- I think it’s mandatory that every girl must possess at least one item in her wardrobe that’s black and is her favorite. I know I have a black top and whenever I have a doubt in my mind on what to wear for an occasion my hand, as if on auto-pilot, picks up this black top. I can pair it with absolutely anything-jeans, skirt, Capris, shorts. And since this top of mine is getting pretty worn out and old, I guess it’s time I got a new dress in Black.

     Black Stilettos- Of course, I couldn’t pair my LBD with flats or sneakers (those are the only ones that I own). So I decided to go all out and buy black stilettos too. And I absolutely love those strappy one’s with little peep toes with lots of wriggling space for my oversized toes. Don’t you love the one’s below? I was practically drooling over my laptop as I saw them. Now only if I could learn to walk in these.

     Black Laptop- Few years back when I was buying a laptop I did a mistake. I went for a red Dell Inspiron. I don’t know what I was thinking back then, but it was a horrible, horrible mistake. Now, every time I take out my laptop I can only ruefully shake my head. So given a chance I would love to own a sleek, black laptop like the one below. Pretty cool, huh?

Black sleek car- If ever I was invited for walking on the red carpet at Cannes, I can picture myself getting out of a sleek, black car, like the Audi below, and waving at my fans elegantly. Everything about a swanky black car shouts sleek, stylish and sexy. Not to mention grace and panache.

    Black shades- I totally love sunglasses. They are perfect when going out for lunch with friends or a shopping spree. Unlike many who love colored frames, I love black ones. It gives an enigmatic, mysterious look to the person wearing it. No one can go wrong with black shades. 

So those are my 5 favorite black things that I would like to own. And next time when anyone gives you grief for wearing black or for being “brown-skinned”, just holler #whattheblack right back at them. :)

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  1. I have black stilettos and LBD..Everything else no :(

  2. No offense, i don't find Gores as amazing as they are described! I find people with dark complexion exotic and beautiful in their own way! Especially those who carry themselves with so much of poise and confidence, they define beauty perfectly.

    Black colour is essential in every girl's life. As you pinned on, all 5 are the vital beats to our lives! But black sorta jinx my day if I wear em' in a solid manner, as in a shirt or that sort. So I'd avoid em' on important days. Otherwise all 5 make in into my list too, except for the car, I'd rather not go for a black ride!

    Good entry, like how you related the skin colour to the essentials of black in every woman's life :)
    I think it's my first time here.

  3. I agree with everyone item on the list! :) Own all but the sun glasses.. they are brown, dang! Btw loved this one #whattheblack :P

    Sorry, been a while since I stopped by here, had been caught up with some other work. Will be more regular now :)