Thursday, April 17, 2014

April A To Z Challenge Day 15- O is for Omens

I am not a very superstitious person but there are things that I think influence our fate and sometimes God has a way of forewarning us. It’s up to us how we interpret these signals. Like for example if a cat crosses my path I won’t think twice before moving forward. I mean for God’s sake, the cat is just going on its own way. Why should I take it as a bad omen?

But I do believe in omens. In fact I was so crazy about omens during college days that I used to come up with my own ways to predict. After our exams got over and the results were looming closer, I used to get jittery, especially when I knew that I had not given my best and the chances of clearing a test were 50-50.

That was when I fell back to this strange tendency of mine to leave things to fate and try to find out if I had passed or failed using the chit system. What I used to do, was make chits of paper and write “Pass” in one and “Fail” in another. Then I used to fold them symmetrically and shake them in my palm and throw it down on the floor.

After lots of praying fervently I finally picked a chit and if the result came in my favor then I was jubilant, else everyone had to bear with my miserable attitude. But what used to surprise me is that when the actual results came out, they used to, more often than not, match with the outcome of my method of prediction.

Recently I had sent across my short story for a few anthology contests and I was eagerly awaiting the results. In a desperate bid to predict if my short story would make the cut, I fell back on my old ways of prophesizing.

I usually start from my office at 5 PM and take the public transport. There is this girl, a doctor, who takes the same bus a few stops after mine. She is really sweet and on few occasions we have exchanged pleasantries.

Now, on that day, when I was eager to know the results of the anthology contest I had taken an earlier bus. A sudden flash of inspiration struck me and I decided that if the girl, who usually travels in the 5 PM bus, also leaves office early and catches the earlier bus, then I would take it as a positive signal from God. So as her stop approached I stretched my neck and looked apprehensively at the door.

And there she was! It couldn’t be coincidence right? It was a sign from God. Never was I happier to see a doctor in my life J I flashed a bright smile to her who in all probability decided that I needed psychiatric help. But to me I had already won the competition. So sure I was of my little game of fate J

The results are yet to be out for the contest but I am pretty sure I have made it to the final list J


  1. I believe in omens too...Like when I hear the crow in mornings..that is bad omen in my book and I try to ignore it...And I do prophesise too :D We have to meet woman:)

    O for Ostracized-Random Thoughts Naba

  2. Hahaha I make my own predictions too! So many times. Once I was like if I see someone wear yellow the minute I enter office, my appraisal will go good. And you know what, as soon as I swiped my card, I saw a girl with a yellow salwar in front of me. My appraisal went really great after that! :D

    Can't help the human mind I guess. All the best for the contest. I'm sure you will ace it! :)

  3. I have never created a method to predict an outcome, but I've always believed the outcome will be right, no matter what it is. When we were shopping for our first home, I had my heart set on one. However, we didn't get it because the owner didn't accept our offer. Then a better house came along and I was glad we didn't get the first one. Another time I was passed over for a job, which hurt me deeply at the time. But now I'm glad -- thank goodness I didn't end up there because I would have missed the path I took.
    Visiting from A to Z~
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

    I make up my own omens just like you do..that too on the spot!
    and sometimes when they dont go according to my wishes, I change the omen or interpret is better :P

  5. I have absolutely no belief in these kind of omens. However, I respect the right of others to have beliefs different from mine.

  6. Omens - I dunno if I believe in them or not.. but at times I feel like they are true!

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  7. we frnz do it too :-D best out of 3 :-D 2 fingers assigned for 2 choices. ask sum1 to select a finger thrice n d result that cums out twice is d prediction for the future :-D n hey! all the best for the contest :-) may the omen b true :-)

  8. Thanks that you shared your innermost feelings on this very topic- which people generally do not accept though probably they go by these to a great extent. All the best for your anthology contest :-).

  9. Hm ... sometimes I believe and sometimes I dont..What joy to interpret a bit according to my belief - it it can support my thought at that moment , I have to believe right..:-) :-) Nice read, Prasanna:-)

  10. That was a cute method... I too have some methods but they r so silly that I might die blushing if I reveal it here..:D

  11. a good omen I am sure! Come visiti if you like: