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Family vacations with kids- Teddy Travelogues

Lots of things change in a couple’s life after a child is born, and after Advika came into our lives I have to say that our life has turned topsy-turvy. In a good way though. My husband and I travelled a lot during the initial phase of our marriage and it was usually a spur of the moment trip. Like that weekend when we decided to pack our things and head to Pondicherry. It being a long weekend we had to struggle to get a bus to Pondicherry and fortunately for us we were able to confirm bookings for a day in a resort. Being spontaneous had its own fun during unplanned trips. But after our daughter was born, impromptu trips were out of the question.

Although initially I was a little skeptical about taking Advika along with us on vacations, I confess there were several trips that turned memorable because we had her along with us. For example, when we visited Mysore zoo we did not think we would enjoy the trip, but yet we wanted to go there as it was Advika's first visit to a zoo. She was around a year old and she had just started identifying animals from the pictures in her books. So it was absolute joy to see the amazement in her face when she looked at the giraffe, zebra, deer, tiger and lions. It was one trip that we laughed a lot.

Advika's trip to Chamundi hills in Mysore
The solo traveler 

Honestly she is not a fussy kid but she does not like confined places and gets really cranky when a) she is hungry and b) when she is sleepy but she is not able to nap. But then I guess this is how all kids are. :)


We have to plan meticulously when we travel with her. I think having a good vacation with your kids all narrows down to planning and able to anticipate what may go wrong. Of course some things are out of our control so don’t fret too much if things don’t go according to your plan. Just flow with the tide and relax and let your kids have fun too.


We have gone for vacations with my daughter to Mysore, Chikmagalur, Ooty and Goa, which are all places closer to Bangalore. We have travelled along with her in train, bus and car journeys. We always plan our trips such that most of the commuting is done during the night, since she is a sound sleeper and usually sleeps unperturbed. Travelling in an airplane is something that we have never tried with her but there is always the next trip. The important thing to remember is the kid’s comfort.  So here are some tips that come to my mind that could make your vacation with your kids more fun and enjoyable.

When selecting your destination or the places you want to visit, make sure that your kids would enjoy it too. Take them to the zoo or a water park or a water fall or a garden where they have plenty of space to wander about and play. If you want to visit, say, a museum, and you know that your kids may get grumpy and mischievous then leave them with your husband and go alone. :)

Confirm your hotel bookings before leaving. You don’t want to arrive with cranky kids in tow and then learn that your hotel reservations have been cancelled.

Always carry medicines and first aid, keeping in mind the kind of weather of the place you are visiting. Read up about the destination on the internet. Carry medicines for common cold, nausea, stomach upsets, and small injuries. Being prepared is the key here.

Remember to carry little snacks and drinking water wherever you go.  You never know when your kids may feel hungry and you don’t want to run in search for their favorite snack.

Carry board games for older kids or your toddler’s favorite toy. If your kids like to read pack their favorite books. Just something to keep them occupied when there is nothing to do on the vacation.

Get your kid involved in the planning of the vacation. Let him/her help you in packing. Show them photos of the places that you are going to visit on the internet and explain the various activities that you would be doing.

Plan your time such that the kids get ample time to spend in each place you visit. Don’t rush them around and also plan your itinerary so that you get some time to rest indoors too. Remember kids get cranky when they are tired.

If your kid has just begun to walk or is still in the crawling phase then it would be advisable to carry the pram or buggy along. Although it may add to the already overloaded luggage you will be thankful for the pram when you can easily strap the kids in it after they are tired of walking.

If you are visiting a crowded place and there are chances of the kids getting lost in the crowd, a low-cost mobile with the children would come in handy. If the kids do get lost do not panic, request the managers of the place for help.

And finally remember you are on vacation. So relax and do not fret too much about what may go wrong. Let down your hair, laugh a lot and have fun.


Happy holidays and have a fun vacation with your family.

This post was written for Teddy Travelogues contest hosted by Indiblogger.

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