Friday, December 19, 2014

It Happens for a Reason by Preeti Shenoy

Title: It Happens for a Reason
Source- Goodreads

Author: Preeti Shenoy

About the story: When Vipasha, Vee to friends, eighteen and single, makes the decision to have her baby, she does more than give up her promising modeling career. She ends up cutting ties with her family and with Ankush, the man she thought she was in love with. Fast-forward sixteen years and she now has two unusual careers - she runs a dog-boarding facility and is a gym instructor. Aryan thinks she is the coolest mom in the world and hopes she will one day find her Prince Charming - exactly what her best friend Suchi has in mind for her. But Vee secretly has a thing for Saurabh, the quirky vet.

Then, out of the blue, Ankush comes back into their life.

But can a decision that was taken at eighteen - more in the throes of lust than love-be the basis of a lifelong relationship? Is there a future for Ankush and Vee? Vee, Aryan and Ankush are in for the ride of their lives. No seat belts, full speed and a very bumpy road ahead.

Review: This is my 5th Preeti Shenoy book and she is undeniably one of the best writers in India in the Love and Relationship genre. Her latest book is yet another feather in her bestsellers cap, and reasonably so because her words manage to weave a fascinating and warm story. Honestly, I hadn't liked her previous book, The One You Cannot Have, as I thought it did not match up to the expectations of her top notch writing. But with her latest book, I felt Preeti is back with a bang.

I love her female protagonists, be it Vee in her new book or Ankita in Life is What You Make It or Nisha in Tea for two and a piece of cake. They are strong women who live life on their own terms. Being a regular follower of the author on Facebook, I believe that this book reflects some of the things that the author is fond of in her personal life. Like her immense love for dogs or gardening or fitness.

Preeti writes in great detail and she takes care to tie up all loose ends and manages to etch out all characters meticulously. The ending caught me a little off-guard as I did not expect that Vipasha’s character would chose her life course which, I thought, contradicts her independent mentality. But I liked the fact that the climax wasn't rushed or written in haste.

The relationship between the single mother, Vee and her teenage son, Aryan was beautifully depicted and Vee’s anger and resentment when Ankush comes back into their lives was also nicely narrated.

wouldn't say this is Preethi’s best work (which for me, is Tea for two and a piece of cake, till date), but it is an engaging and pleasant read.

Rating: 4/5

P. S- I completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge this year and I managed to read 31 books this year. Yay!

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  1. I too had ordered it, just waiting for the delivery and I am a big fan of the writings of Preeti Shenoy :)

  2. I haven't read her works. Must do so!
    31 books is huge!!!