Thursday, February 27, 2014

Imaginary Friends


“Look ma, my friend Kirti gave this to me”, said my 7-year old daughter, as she showed me the small, dirty rag doll that she held closely, while standing near the threshold of our home and waving to her friend.

My heart raced as I peered outside but I could not see anyone, yet my daughter kept waving to her friend.

I remembered a story that I had read recently, in which an imaginary friend of a young girl turns out to be a demonic spirit, hell bent on destroying the entire family of her friend.

“Is Kirti just an imaginary play friend or someone else?” my mind pondered in the night, as I tossed and turned in the bed and observed the shadows dancing uncannily on the walls of our home.

The next morning when the doorbell rang and I opened the front door, I saw a young girl, around my daughter’s age, smiling and saying, “Hi aunty I am Kirti, from the neighboring house, and my mom just sent me over to borrow a bowl of sugar”.

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  1. Oh thank God!

    Lovely take on the prompt! :)

  2. ohh that must have scared the hell out of the mother :) nice write

  3. hahah good one! Thank God it was no spirit!

    1. Yeah although I love ghost stories ;)

  4. Wow! Nice! Concluding things too soon brings worry...dats d true demon shortening our lives!:-)

  5. Haha..I thought you were writing paranormal stuff... Bowl of sugar?!! haven't we given enough?!! :P
    Good one..

  6. Great story, Prasanna! So relieved :)

  7. Me too, felt quite relieved!
    After all what is a bowl of sugar when compared to demonic spirits!!!