Sunday, March 2, 2014

WriteTribe Festival of Words Day 1- If Only

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3
Day1 Prompt- 9 Sentence Fiction

Rashmi was waiting in the airport lounge for her connecting flight back to California, where she lived with her husband and kids, when she thought she saw a familiar figure sitting some two rows in front of her and talking animatedly on the phone.

 She inched hesitatingly towards the person clad in an expensive suit that failed to hide the tall, muscular frame beneath it and tapped on his shoulders.

“Oh my God, it’s really you Sanath”, she exclaimed as the person turned back, a little annoyed for having been disturbed while in the middle of an important call.

“Rashmi, wow, it’s so good to see you and that too after so many years”, he said as he stood and shook her hand awkwardly, but Rashmi was not surprised as she knew Sanath from her college days and she also knew that he was a man of few words.

Sanath and Rashmi had been part of the same circle of friends in college and although they were never very close, they still used to go out for movies and restaurants with their gang.

They sat together recalling fondly their college days and catching up on the news about their common friends when Rashmi wavered slightly remembering something that she had heard about Sanath from her friends during the college days.

“I don’t know if it’s right to ask you but, I’m curious about a rumor that was doing the rounds in our college that you were madly in love with a girl”, Rashmi asked.

“Oh that’s all in the past and I’m sure that she must be happily married to a guy she loves and probably has a dozen kids by now, but, yeah, I was crazy about her and I was heartbroken when I heard the news that she was getting married to a guy of her parents’ choice”, Sanath said brushing the topic aside with a nonchalant shrug.

 After few minutes Rashmi’s flight was announced and as she bid farewell to Sanath and walked away, Sanath was looking at her with wistful eyes and thinking, ‘if only she knew…’ while Rashmi shook her head and whispered, ‘if only he had told me’.


  1. Unspoken love.... I wish they had known it back then. I wish they had spoken of that now. After all, fate might have had some plans for bringing them together ! A beautiful one, Prasanna :)

    1. True that! Whatever the consequences, we should always give love a chance, zyada se zyada ek thappad kaayenge, aur kya :P

  2. sigh... reminds me of some old memories. I always look back at it with a "atleast she's happy now' thought :)

  3. Chance meeting at the Airport & then flashback! Nice plot for a Bollywood movie :) Good one, Prasanna :)
    People should just express their love, rather than suffering...

  4. Oh Oh!! Anyways hope both moved on!

  5. Ufff! This is the kind of story that leaves me thinking about all the what ifs in my life! Sigh! :D

  6. The tragedy of waiting too long to say what you fee. Sigh, it abounds in many places :(

  7. Ah.. the unspoken love.. beautiful story.. wished they had know afterall.

  8. Aww! Such a cute and unrequited love. I guess there are many unsung love stories like that. What a way to meet after ages. Good one:)

  9. A reality for many... loves with no words can lead to this..


  10. Hmm - the world is full of such tragic 'if only's

  11. If only's ruin lives I say... Why couldn't they confess... I hate "If only" ...:)
    Nicely written story...

  12. aww!! that might have been the story of many! it so often happens that love remains unexpressed!


  14. one of the biggest "if only's" that many have in life... but then things are meant to be and that's how they will be... :)