Thursday, December 5, 2013

An Evening to Remember, With My Crush

So, it was a Friday night and I, along with my friends were outside weathering the cold December night, deciding to celebrate my friend’s recent announcement of her engagement. We decided that we would hit a popular pub. We were excited, our adrenaline on an all-time high, since this was the first time any of us would be visiting a discotheque. Yes, we were a boring bunch who had spent most of our days in college buried under books, revising for sessional exams, burning the midnight oil and studying hard each semester. And the result was, even though we missed out on all the fun during our college days, we had been selected by prestigious corporates and were well placed in good companies.

And now we wanted to compensate for all the fun that we missed out. We wanted to hit the pubs, drink all night, dance and enjoy the young night.

But being the level-headed and responsible girl that I am, I didn’t want to drink and be sloshed. I wanted to feel mildly buzzed but at the same time be in control of the situation. I wanted to dance, to feel a high and be able to remember all the wonderful moments later. It was the first time that I was going to taste alcohol. So I was clueless on what to drink. I didn’t want to have beer, as I always viewed beer as a man’s drink and I hated the raw smell of beer. 

That’s when one of my friends, Anu, advised me to try Breezers. 

“What’s a Breezer?”, I asked feeling slightly stupid.

“Breezer is a fruit based mild alcoholic drink with just 2% alcohol content.  You can try a Bacardi Breezer. They are pretty awesome”, my friend replied as if she was passing on some age old secret.

So we sat on the swiveling bar seats, our legs crossed, ordering our drinks and feeling all sexy and sophisticated. We imagined ourselves as characters in the ‘Sex and the City’ movie and checked out the dance floor.

I gasped. There dancing in the crowd was my crush from office. Ok, I didn’t know his name, but whenever he passed my cubicle on his way to the pantry, he always glanced at me. My friends teased me mercilessly about him and I thought he was cute.

“What Breezer will you have ma’am? There’s Jamaican Passion, Cranberry, Orange, Blackberry Crush”, the bartender listed out all the available flavors.

I was only half listening to him, my eyes still on my crush. I could hear the bartender mentioning something about a crush and I replied immediately, “Crush?”

“Aaah! Good choice ma’am. One Blackberry Crush coming up for the pretty lady”.

I blushed slightly as I took the chilled breezer in my hand and tasted it, albeit a little hesitatingly.

And I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted good, in fact it tasted awesome. It was not too syrupy-sweet, like fruit drinks, nor did it taste bitter. It had a tangy flavor. I fell in love with it instantly.

We took our drinks and appetizers and moved to a table. It was the perfect combination, the Breezers , the little crunchy-munchy appetizers, the music, the sheer energy in the air and the slight feeling of being intoxicated. I was already on my fifth bottle of Breezer, feeling a little buzzed, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the guy from my office.

“Hey, I thought I recognized you from office. I’m Anil.”

“Hi, I’m Radha. It’s nice to see you here“. I replied, forcing my heart to remain calm. Our eyes locked and a few minutes passed, but we were lost in each other’s eyes. Anil had a geeky look, with fashionable glasses to complete his nerdy appearance. But I realized that he had light-brown eyes that twinkled mischievously as he looked at me.

I heard someone coughing at my side and I remembered my friends.

“This is Shwetha, Shilpa and Anu. Do you want to sit with us?” I asked him.

“Hi ladies! Ummm.. Actually I was hoping that you would dance with me. You wouldn’t mind if I borrowed your friend for few minutes, girls?”

My friends beamed as they pushed me forward. I felt slightly nervous as Anil led me to the dance floor. The breezers were making me feel bold and I was able to dance without falling. I reminded myself to thank Anu for suggesting me to try breezers. If I had had vodka, I knew that I wouldn’t have managed to even stand, leave alone dance.

Anil was a fantastic dancer. We glided across the dance floor and I could feel more than a few pair of eyes on us. We made a handsome couple. By the end of the dance Anil had asked me out on a date and he had my number as well. I was on cloud nine.  It was the perfect memorable evening. It was an evening when my relationship with my crush began. Yes, yes, I meant both, my crush from office and my lovely, wonderful, Blackberry Crush Breezer.

So, what’s your Breezer story? I would love to hear it  ;)


  1. i m not sure if thats perfect crush story that need to last a long time :P coz there is usually a graduating ceremony in all such 'crush' :)

    1. I have passed with flying colors and have done a Ph. D on the course too :P

  2. nice one! so is the crush (err not the breezer one) a reality or a piece of fiction?? :)