Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Review-The One You Cannot Have by Preeti Shenoy

Title: The One You Cannot Have

Author: Preeti Shenoy

About the story: Aman Mathur is a young, good-looking man, successful in his career and after a brief stint in UK for 2 years, he’s all set to return to India. But an accidental relapse into his old memories sends him tumbling back to his past, to the wonderful 4 years of his life that he spent with Shruti. Shruti is the girl he cannot have, with whom he spent some wonderful moments. Without her, Aman had never envisaged his future. 

But it was Shruti who had walked out of his life, leaving him shattered and heart-broken and just when he thought that he had moved on, the ghosts of his past return to haunt him. 

Shruti, now married to Rishabh, is content and settled in her role of a married woman. But a day doesn’t pass in her life without the memories of her perfect relationship with Aman prowling her banal and mundane day-to-day life.

Anjali is an exuberant and vivacious girl, working as a columnist in women’s magazine and she’s charmed by Aman’s kind and intelligent demeanor. But she is also confused by his conflicting attitude when he doesn’t return her messages after their few wonderful dates. Aman on the other hand is guilty, because he enjoys Anjali’s company but he is not sure if he’s ready to plunge into a relationship when his heart still pines for ‘the one he cannot have’.

Will Aman finally get back with Shruti or will he rest the ghosts of his past relationship and move ahead by accepting Anjali’s love and warmth in his life. Read this touching and heartwarming tale of love, relationships, pain, healing and moving-on in life

My Review: In this fifth book of Preeti Shenoy’s, she narrates a heartening tale of how past relationships, when broken without a proper closure, can come back to haunt the present. Her strength, as always, is in portraying real, believable characters and events that can happen in anyone’s life. The characters in the book are as real as it gets. For example, when Aman engages in a one-night stand, just to exorcise the ghosts of his past relationship with Shruti, it is believable, because it is what most guys would do.

The narration changes every chapter and is told by the three (Aman, Shruti and Anjali) main characters, but it does not confuse the readers, as usually this type of narration does. The author does not deviate much from the plot. The narration is crisp and manages to hold onto the reader’s interest till the climax of the book.

But what I find a little disappointing is, Preeti Shenoy’s previous few books weave around a similar thread of plot. The current book and ‘The Secret Wish List’ (‘Life is What You Make It’ to some extent too) were based on past, failed relationships haunting the main protagonist’s present life. I hope that in her next novel she abandons her comfortable zone and delivers another amazing and bestselling novel.

Verdict: A touching and impressive fast-read that manages to keep the readers engrossed from the start to the last page of the book.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. I read the book too..Nice review. I loved the way she told the story. Only one thing disturbed me... She used the word 'darn' too many times. It was kind of irritating. May be she will edit it out in the next reprint.

  2. Your review is nice - but in my view there is nothing new in this plot. In today's world, this is a very common scenario - no variety for readers, as I see it.

  3. Haven't read any of her book yet. Could you post an excerpt for us to get a taste of her style?

  4. I like the style of her is too impressive.we know what is going to come next.still her writing holds us.this is the power she has.