Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Wonder Years, Part II: Crush-a-Thon

If you have already read my earlier post on my wonderful college days, then you know that I love to embarrass myself, and if you have not read it, then you can read it here.
So to continue my embarrassment saga, I will narrate few stories of my crushes and how I developed my crush on them. Let me warn you that this post may come across as silly but that’s how I was then (and maybe now too, I keep getting these episodes of madness now and then, nothing serious).
So there was this really cute and handsome guy who used to commute in the same bus as me. I never knew his name, because as you would know, by reading my earlier post, I never got to talking terms with my crushes, which is really sad.  
So coming back to my bus guy, he was damn cute, but the problem was that he never noticed me although I tried hard to catch his attention(don’t ask me how, you wouldn’t want to know, trust me). Maybe it was his indifference that attracted me more. So I decided to go the extra mile to make him notice me. I scrutinized his appearance and that’s when I noticed this really cool bead bracelet that he wore on his wrist. So I decided to get an exactly alike bracelet. I went on a wild-goose hunt and after few weeks, I got an exact replica of the bracelet.  
The very next day I wore it proudly and jostled against the sea of human bodies (the buses were crowded) to find a place next to my bus guy. He was seated and finally I got a place to stand next to him. I was holding the seat in front of him, so that he could have a clear view of my pretty bracelet. My strategy worked and he looked up to notice me and you know what, when finally his stop came, he made sure that I took his seat and he even smiled at me too. I was on cloud nine that day. I had safe guarded the bracelet for many years in memory of my bus-guy. Anyway, my crush for my bus-guy faded away but I found a new love for bead bracelets.
Then there was this guy who was doing his diploma in the same college that I was doing my engineering. His name was Guru (I came to know through some common friends; again I never spoke to him). It so happened that one day I was travelling from college alone in bus(Its true almost all my crush stories are related to buses), when I noticed a guy standing near the footboard. He had the most awesome-ly wavy and silky hair that I have seen till date. And I developed a crush on him the very moment. It was just like in films, except maybe the hero falls in love with the girl with the soft, wavy hair. Err, to continue the story, I found out some facts about this guy and came to know his name, what he was studying and so on.
Then one day, I and my friend were travelling in the same bus that my wavy-hair guy was commuting in. We were sitting in the 3 seater seat and I was continuously eyeing my guy, when suddenly the passenger sitting next to me got up to board off the bus. I prayed fervently hoping that my crush would sit next to me, when suddenly a guy plopped next to me in the seat. I darted my eyes and saw that it was Guru. I was so happy that I jumped in my seat, so that I could cover the remaining space between me and him. Of course all that my action got from him was a weird stare. Sigh!
There are so many of my crush stories that I could actually write a book on it. Although I feel a bit silly now, it still gets a smile on my lips remembering about the incidents. Wish I could go back to college days, they were such wonderful days. Excluding the exams and internals, I mean.


  1. hahaha... loved reading it...guess we all have our silly moments and those college time crushes ! :)

  2. Thanks for your comments... Yes I had lots of silly moments during my college life, but it was fun :)