Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No stopping at Shoppers Stop-My festival season shopping binge

October 1st dawned a gloomy and cloudy day in Bangalore. As my eyes opened in the morning I could feel a sense of dread hovering in my mind. It took me few minutes to realize the reason. It was the day on which I had to rejoin my work after 8 months of Maternity Leave.
Life has been very hectic in the past couple of months, what with balancing a chaotic work schedule, trying to spend quality time with my toddler and squeezing in some few moments of respite in between.
To escape from the building work pressure I discovered upon a new stress buster technique-online window shopping. Out of the 24 hours in a day, I spend almost 16 to 18 hours in front of my laptop. So gradually but definitely the online shopping bug bit me. Bit me hard!
So when I had to buy new clothes for the festival season, being short on time, I had the perfect excuse to go online shopping. So happily, with a steaming cup of coffee in my hand, I browsed through several online shopping sites, until I settled for
So I put together a festival ensemble that is affordable, fashionable and is not over-the-top. Just my style! Simple yet elegant!
Have a look J
For the kurta set, I picked Shoppers stop’s own brand. A green, sleeveless kurta which looks traditional but is comfortable to wear and looks “oh-so-graceful”. One is sure to set hearts ablaze with this piece.
Check the product details here: Kurta
I am a self-confessed jumka lover. I just love them; they give a mystic touch to your appearance. So it’s not much of a surprise that I picked up these Zaveri pearl jumkas. Aren’t they adorable, how can I not fall in love with them?
Check the product details here: Jumka
But for people who are averse or not so enthusiastic about jumkas, I suggest the below pearl and stone earrings. Classic and elegant!

Check the product details here: Earrings
Now for any festive or wedding occasion a basic well-coordinated clutch is a must. In fact after the dress, it’s the clutch which is much noticed in one’s attire.  So I opted for this jaw-dropping, wine colored Elliza Donatein Clutch. I agree the color makes it a bit dramatic, but it works when other accessories are kept minimal and simple.
Check the product details here: Clutch
Neck accessory:
Since my kurta is round neck, I dint want to go for a traditional neck piece. I wanted a neck accessory which would complement the dress and not divert the attention from it. So I found this perfect double-strand pearl necklace in chocolate syrup color. Elegant and a class apart, this neck piece will surely make for a stunning look.
Check the product details here: Necklace

Giving a perfect match to the neck piece is the below bead bracelet in a shimmering bronze and brown pearls. The neutral and earthy colors of the bracelet flawlessly complement the green kurta dress. Don’t you think?
Check the product details here: Bracelet
However if one wants to go with the traditional bangle, then I suggest the below gold plated bangle with crystals.  The price does make you go ‘hmmmm’( a doubtful one, that is), but hey,  gold is for lifetime and the advantage with this piece is, you can wear this with any of your traditional dresses/sarees. Do you need more reasons to pick up this amazing bangle?
Check the product details here: Bangles
Hair bows:

And my love for gold bling does not end here. I found these splendid sparkling gold bow hair sliders. These PST (pretty small things) made my heart flutter and my eyes go wide in amazement. I want these! Like now!
Check the product details here: Hair bow

I have retained the best for the last, the sandals. I have a footwear fetish, I love to collect them and even though I hardly wear high heels, I had to go for the below pair, simply because the dress demands high heels. To carry of my green kurta stylishly, I had to succumb to the antique golden (what else, I am on gold binge) high heel pair from Lemon and Pepper.
Check the product details here: Sandals-golden
If you are feeling sick due to seeing too much gold, I have an alternate suggestion. Go for Silver J You are sure to shine out in these.
Check the product details here: Sandals-Silver
So this is my entire festival ensemble.

Coming from a middle class economic strata I always worry about my budget. I am left wondering if what I desire can be afforded by me. So I was happily surprised when I added up the cost and saw that my shopping spree dint burn a hole in my pocket. Because it came at a very affordable price of 5254/-(with the pearl bracelet) and 9174/-(with the selection of gold bangles). I am one happy girl, yaaaay!

Happy festival season everyone! Be stylish, stay stylish.


  1. So there you had a wonderful festival . Post a picture of yours with the new attire.

  2. I did have a wonderful festival :) Will post pic if I win the contest at Indi :P

  3. Hope that you win so that you get a chance to post a picture of yours with the above collection. All the best!

  4. With stalwarts like you participating, where do we stand a chance :P.. Thanks Ranjith :)