Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Wonder Years

Ok, this is going to be an embarrassing post for me and I’m not even sure why I’m doing this. Oh Yeah, I need to get this off my chest once and for all. So here goes the confession:

I am a hopeless, incurable romantic. My idea of relaxation is to put on some soft romantic music (invariably from a K Jo film) and imagine myself swaying and swooning with my favorite hero (Off course, it has to be SRK, who else, right?) amidst the snow capped mountains or in between the luscious sea of tulip gardens in Netherlands. Too much? I have always been over the top and dramatic.

Now that I have finished the hard part, let’s get going with the matter in hand, which is crushes, infatuation, puppy love-as you want to call it. Show me a guy/girl who has never had a crush in his/her life and I’ll show you a liar. At least I have not known such a person in my life. I have had lots of crushes during my college years and my early-20s and as I recall them now, I laugh at my own silliness and naivety.

I remember in my college slam book, most of my friends had left comments somewhere on the lines like this:

‘Please keep your crushes constant for a minimum of a week, so that we can keep track of them’


‘Lucky guys- all those whom you had a crush on, coz whenever we remember you we’ll also remember the guys whom you had crushes on’

College life is so amazing because we don’t think much in this age. We do whatever our silly heart wishes. How many gals can proudly say that I have proposed a guy in my life? Well I can, but it’s a totally different matter that the guy rejected my sweet, innocent proposal. Stupid boy :-). But the funny thing is my ego was not pricked and after two days of moping and mourning I was back to being normal. If the same had happened after a couple of years in my life, I would have been devastated. But at that age, our whole life is a sea of opportunities, and such glitches just don’t mar our future.

It’s true that I have had so many crushes during my pre-teen and teen life, but it’s also true that I never fell in love with any of them. Ironically, most of guys I had crush on, don’t even know I exist on this earth EVEN TODAY! That’s the difference between an infatuation and love. Infatuation can be only one sided and I was happy with that. But if love is not reciprocated then it can devastate you. Off course, infatuation is the first step in the process of falling love. But not always, as was my case. I never had any intention of falling in love with any of my crushes. I was happy to watch the guy, feel happy, dream about him and in general act like a nut in front of my friends. Does that make sense? No? I never did make sense :-)

My favorite triangle
 When I was studying Engineering, there was a guy in my class and most of my friends used to tease me with him. We used to have lot of fun passing chits around during the dreary Electronics classes (all Electronics Engineering students, remember Signals and Systems and Power Electronics classes). The last day of college I finally picked up enough courage to go up to this guy and ask him for a snap. These things make me laugh and wonder at how bindaas I was.

This post is a tribute to all the guys whom I had a crush on but unfortunately these guys wouldn’t know even if they read this, as I never confessed about my crushes to anyone except for my few handful friends. So let me dedicate this post to my friends who witnessed all my crushes and were constant support in my troublesome adolescent years. But you know the funniest irony in my life? When I finally fell in love there was never any crush or infatuation in the beginning. That’s LIFE!!!

P.S: This post is in RED coz RED is the color of love. So filmy :)


  1. lol a wonderful dedication i must say :D :D

  2. I assume one of the people to whom this post is dedicated is me!!! Those years of our life cannot be described in words:)

  3. @LifenSpice: How can I forget that you were the crucial person at that stage :)What wonderful days they were...

  4. Ahaaa!That's a sweet confession I must say. Loved your post. Crushes, Infatuations, Love and Life... Different phases .. varied emotions.. Nicely written.

  5. hahaha! well so do i! i mean m still going through! i get bored with the same guy for more than a month if its a relationship and if its crush then it changes in minutes lol! seriously :P lets see how collage turns out :P

  6. @Niya: Enjoy your college life as these days will never return back in your life :)

    @Ashwini: Had to pick up lot of courage to confess that my proposal actually got rejected :(

    @Sukupedia: Thanks :)

  7. oohh our school & college crushes :))
    just thinking about them now brings a smile to my face

    Prasanna, one request: can you pls remove the word verification for comments?

  8. @Sujatha: Done,actually that irritates me too but I had forgotten that I had set it for my own blog :)

  9. haha.. I can soo relate to u :P
    but the trouble is..i alwaysss end up falling in love with leonardo di caprio again and again!
    and ofkors there r many others too! sweet post :))


  10. Ha.. ha. ha. Very honestly written.
    But sometimes, we can not forget our first crush. It happens, how and when our first crush converted into our first "Love", we can not anticipate.

    This is something like "fresh breathe".. a new refreshing chapter of our life.

    Let life happen to you, let love happen to you. I enjoyed your post.

    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Yup.. who wouldn't have had a crush in his/her life :) But it was nice reading this post.. may be because it was written direct dil-se.. :)

    hmm.. school & college days are days of crushes, love(but at that time we will not be knowing the real meaning of it..) Same goes here.. I had many such cases.. especially during engineering..

    The only change in my case is that - I fell in love (this time the real 'love') with one of my crushes and later we got married and now living together :P :) ..