Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So you want to know this di has so much kolaveri?

Today while browsing through random pics shared in FB, I came across this below pic that shows girls before and girls of today. Obviously the girls in left pic, belonging to the 40's era are virtuous and morally right than the girl in the right. The girls in the langa-davani (or the half sari) are better models for “Desi-girls” than the girl in the mini.

Ok, so now you want to know why this di has so much kolaveri. I don’t even know what non-sense, rubbish ethics this picture is trying to garner. Is it saying that girls of today smoke, drink, party and believe in pre-marital sex? Whereas girls from 4 decades before believed that they were here on earth to serve their parents, husbands and in-laws. That they were not capable of going out, working and earning for themselves? Why not show a before pic of ladies sitting in their house preparing dinner and doing only household chores next to a pic of a woman today, who manages not only her family but also works as a manager/entrepreneur/CEO earning much more than her husband.  She is capable of multi-tasking; caring for her husband, children and in-laws, financially supporting her husband, balancing her personal and professional life like a pro.
I have nothing against women of yore days, my grandma and mom were from those years and they are very fine women. But why malign women of today, just because they like to light up? Men have been doing the same from age old days and somehow that’s fine? I am just fed up by these double standards in society.
Few days before I had received another pic in mailbox which showed Indian girls from various IT companies smoking. So what? I don’t smoke but sometimes I drink wine or vodka. Does that make me bad? Does that mean I am not fit to be labeled as “Indian girl”? How much more time will it take for the Indian society to change its mentality against women. Smoking or excessive drinking is bad and it’s a killer, doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman. So please, before posting or liking such pics in social networking sites, stop and think for a while, if it really makes sense. Be aware before you share!


  1. I second you on this prasanna ma'am.. Spot on..

  2. they should be realising this soon.

  3. well said Prasanna
    i hate such non-nonsensical pics & the sick ideology behind it

    """next to a pic of a woman today, who manages not only her family but also works as a manager/entrepreneur/CEO earning much more than her husband."""
    you know this they will never do because of their egos/lack of knowledge/stupidity/narrow mindedness/small minded thinking etc etc

  4. well said Prasanna.. totally agree with what u said..

    but frankly we cannot completely ignore the situation that some women have put their families into...clubbing all night, having extra marital affairs with their party friends and in turn ignoring family...having said that men are the ones who initiated all this so why is it wrong when a woman does were never blamed or and society is an equal responsibility of both man & woman

  5. @Sunil : Thank you

    @Readitt: I dont think it will be happening anywhere in near future :(

    @Sujatha: Thank you... And you wont blv that I saw a simliar pic again in FB yesterday. What's going on :(

    @Sunita: I know what you mean, but there will be men and women leading a bad lifestyle so why target women, especially this pic showing women of yesterday and today? And this pic shared in FB got a few likes too. Sick :(

  6. Its just the framework of mine some ppl got. They think they have the rigt to sit and judge. Women these days do wht they think. women in those days wanted to smoke, wanted to have pre marital sex, wanted to learn, wanted to work...but whr scared and were under mae dominance. Now we are empowered enuff. and ppl mistake us

    Great post

  7. the technology is the one of the reason for this..

  8. Brilliant post. I'm sharing this with the idiots who posted the same thing on my feed.

    It's all double-standards by men, they can have pre-marital sex but when they get married, the girl HAS to be a virgin. So disgusting, their mentality is.

    I don't smoke or drink myself but I don't judge girls who do for it's their choice. When I don't have a problem with my boyfriend drinking, why would I when it's my best friend?

  9. @Sujatha: Guilty :( I have been a bit lazy this month what with all the buttering up by my MIL n mom. But will post something soon :)