Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kaun DOMS???

I was not like this before. 2 years back when I landed in Bangalore, baggage and all, I was a naive, sweet and innocent girl hailing from a small town in Mangalore. In those days it took me a complete ten minutes to understand a non-veg joke. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating but I was slow when it came to catching the drift of double-entendre jokes. But as they say, the company you keep changes you even before you realize it, from the innocent, guileless girl who never understood such jokes, I became the queen of non-veg jokes. I have started to guffaw/giggle (depending on the intensity of humor in the joke) even before the joke is completed.
Like, few days before I was waiting for my turn at the counter in the canteen, all ready to order my cup of coffee. Our canteen also offers mini coffee and some gentlemen standing behind me in the queue decided to order mini coffees. Their conversations went somewhere on these lines.
Man1: Let’s order a mini coffee.
Man2: Oh, I dint know there was something called mini coffee, does it come in smaller cup size?
Man1: Yes, it’s smaller cup but tastes same and costs less. The regular coffee is almost the same cup size too.
Now, these gentlemen were discussing cup sizes in earnest and referring to only coffee, but it was enough for me to start a bout of giggling (which soon turned to a full-blown laughing session). Yes, I have become this one impudent lady who just cannot control her laughter (even in public) when hearing something even remotely resembling a non-veg joke.
I remember an incident that happened almost a year ago, when the joke was on me. It so happened that almost all of my colleagues were guys and I used to tag along with them for their ‘sutta’ break. I hated being a passive smoker, but I loved the tea that was served in the sutta shops. On one such day, we went on our morning break and one of the guys (let’s call him A) came up to me and was chatting with me. We used to converse in Hindi. Suddenly A told to me loudly
“Arrey Prasanna, wo DOMS tumhe doond raha tha”
I was confused as to who was this DOMS and replied to him in an equal loud voice “Kaun DOMS rey”?
It was only after these words left my lips that I understood what I had said. My face turned beet-root red and never have I been so embarrassed in my life as that day. All the guys had a good laugh at my expense and I would have never forgiven A, if I was not such a good sport. Also, A was a genuine guy with no mean bone on him so, it was difficult to remain angry with him for long. Even today I laugh out loud when I remember this incident.
Now tell me, do you blame me for what I am today. Such were the friends I had J


  1. Post is innocent, definitely not you :)
    bad bad girl or woman :P
    lovely post !

  2. ROFL....good one good one "A" :)
    i can imagine how read you might have gone

  3. I enjoyed reading every bit.. till I reached the end.. what is DOMS ?? (now stop laughing ok) :( :( :(

    A very happy new year to you <3 <3 <3

  4. Deepak: Thank you, I am innocently naughty: P

    Sujatha: Given that my skin color is wheatish, I looked more purple than red actually :)

    Suku: I am yet to figure that one out :) Happy new year dear

  5. I'm pretty much the same with non-veg jokes ;) Even if anything remotely resembles a non-veg joke I start giggling like anything. Perverted mind I tell you :\ ROFL @ Kaum Doms re :P :P