Saturday, April 28, 2012

A new phase of life

I have been away from my blog for so long that this almost feels like my first post. A new beginning, a new phase of life, everything seems so overwhelming at this moment. The long hiatus from blogging was required to get my life reorganised. Ok, time to stop the drama. For all my blogger friends not in my FB circle, I am now the proud mama of a baby girl. My daughter entered this world on March 29th ,exactly at 3.01 PM and right now, I am getting to know her better and trying hard to adjust to her sleep cycles :( Phew!!!

I now believe that prayers do get answered (at least when God is in a good mood and agrees to humour you). I had lost all hopes on having a baby girl given the fact that my mom and mom-in-law both had baby boy as first born. But well, some dreams come true and I couldn’t have been happier when my doctor in the Labour room announced that it’s a girl. I kept confirming until I saw the baby and my first reaction was “She’s beautiful” :) She’s everything I hoped she would be. I wanted the baby to have my features and my husband’s skin tone (I am dark skinned and Ashok is fair-call me prejudiced, but I want the best for my lil daughter). She is perfect, but I guess that’s how every mother feels about her child. It’s been almost a month since my daughter entered my world and, it’s been a month’s madness, trying to adjust to her sleeping schedules, recuperating from the delivery, understanding this whole new world. Thankfully I have my mom and mom-in-law by my side.

Since the day I came to know that I was pregnant, I was absolutely scared of normal delivery. It dint help things when I saw my friends posting something like this on FB ‘At the time of giving birth, a women feels pain that is similar to twenty bones getting fractured at a time-Women are great’. Eeeeee! I dint want to be great, I just wanted a painless delivery. Epidural came into mind, but having a needle inserted into my spine made me more scared than the delivery pain. But now looking back at events that took place during my delivery, I feel it was OK. I definitely don’t want to go through it again anywhere in near future (or ever in my life if I can help it), but at least the pain was bearable. I dint die from it :)

The labour scene resembled a typical Hindi film clip where the doctor and nurses were shouting at me to push, push and push some more and after 4 or 5 life threatening pushes and grunts, out popped (wrong choice of words), my daughter just dropped onto the delivery table. It took me a few microseconds to realize that ordeal was over and I could finally meet my baby, face-to-face.

Yeah, yeah the events look funny now, but not so when it was actually happening. So right now in my sleep deprived stage I am still thinking of a name for my daughter, I have a few in my mind- Aadya, Aadvika, Samhita, Aradita… Help me out and please send in some suggestions for baby girl names, something unique and different. Please help out a crazy, psychotic, insomniac new-mom :)

Dropping off before the little one gets up…ZZZZZZ... :)

P.S : For all expectant and new moms seeking information about the entire pregnancy and after-delivery stages, there's this wonderful website, that has a whole lot of useful and accurate information. It's come pretty handy to me whenever I wanted info during my pregnancy.


  1. congrats on your second innings and motherhood

  2. Such a happy and exciting time for you~ Heartiest Congratulations :)

  3. Readitt : Thanks
    Arti: Thank you. It is an exciting time and everyday I get to learn something new about parenting :)

  4. Congrats again Prasanna ma'am :)

    Names, hmmm whatever you have listed are nice. If you want suggestions, let me try some.

    Avani (earth),

    Pakhi (bird),
    Palak (eye lid),
    Poorvi (melody) ,
    Hasini (smile),
    Saachi (truth)
    Samvrita (maya),
    Saanvi (goddess lakshmi),
    Yashika (famous)

  5. Thanks Sunil, the names you suggested are really nice :) I like Saatvi, Saachi, Samvrita and Saanvi. BTW were these your girlfriend's names :P