Friday, November 25, 2011

R.I.P my dear Denims :(

I was in my second month of my pregnancy and I had put on considerable weight, thanks to the extra servings of dessert and rice. Well I was not complaining, until my dear dear denims turned on me. My fav pair of Jealous 21 and Levi jeans started getting uncomfortable and tight (*ahem*).
 When I confessed my predicament to hubby, he wisely suggested that I get rid of my denims for time being and turn to the kurtis for a while (while meaning for the next 9 to 10 months). I was devastated to hear that my denims that have been my constant companions and best supporters in those worst wardrobe disaster days, will have to part from me.  But anyway, good sense prevailed and I sagely nodded in agreement to what hubby said.
The next weekend, I grabbed a large duffel bag and with a heavy heart started packing my denims and my countless tees. This took almost half of the day, as every dress that I placed my hand on had some story behind it and, I spent considerable amount of time reminiscing about it. When finally I was finished with packing, I carefully placed the bag at the end of my wardrobe. You know, out of sight out of mind thing, so hopefully I won’t remember them often. However the good part is I got to shop for a whole new wardrobe… Yippee J
Now if you open my wardrobe you can see only rows and rows of kurtis and leggings. Sigh! The sacrifices that we women makeJ. Anyway I just console myself thinking that it’s all for the good of my baby.  I am yet to buy some maternity clothes but I just cannot convince myself to buy those extra-large maternity jeans. L Gawd! I need some serious cheering up, where’s my tub of chocolate ice-cream.


  1. awww ur love for jeans :P :P :P.. u know i have always loved these maternity dresses.. those colorful frocks and floral long skirts .. oh and not to forget those short tops with umbrella hands.. i know one can wear them even when not pregnant.. but pregnant women look so cuuuttteee in that :D :D :D

  2. yeah the stashing away leaner clothes & bringing in looser clothes is the first few changes we make & more than jeans i missed my heels which i had to stop wearing which was so completely new to me because i only had heels till then. had to shop for a whole set of flat ones after that

  3. @ Sunita: Yeah, I love my jeans :) In fact one of the reasons for joining my current job was that it allowed me to wear jeans all 5 days of the week :D

    @Sujatha: Thank God I dint have that pblm, as I have always been wearing flat footwears :)