Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dream about a Fairy Tale Romance

*** I wrote this when I actually believed and dreamt about fairy tale romances and all though I dint publish it for a long time, I felt that however bad a poem(can I call it that? ), it deserved a chance J***

Beyond the high mountains and below the blue sky,
Lived a girl sweet, innocent and shy.
She hoped a hope and had a dream of finding love,
She believed that her match had been made by God above.
She dreamt that her Prince Charming would come one day,
So sure she was of her dream, that she rejected every suitor who came her way.
Enchanted by her beauty, men would propose to her,
But none could make her heart stir.
People who knew her dream gave her a hard time,
They said she was wasting her youth and beauty in prime.
Her folks tried to get her married off by force,
She rebelled against them without any remorse.
Months passed into years, years into decades, time faded away,
Her skin sagged with wrinkles and her hair turned grey.
Failing to break her spirit people left her to her own fate,
But she was stubborn, for her prince she preferred to wait.
She was lonely and old, she sat at the threshold of her house and looked at the road,
She knew her end was near, she cried for her love with her head bowed.
She grieved for the life she had lost and for the love she never found,
She now wished that her life could be rewound.
Then one day came an old man, who held her hand and wiped away her tears
In his eyes she saw the love that she had yearned for all those years
That day she realized the truth that fairy tales do come true,
Everyone has love written in their fate, but finding love is only for the lucky few.

***“This post is an entry at Blogjunta Dreams Contest to be judged by Jyoti Arora, author of Dream's Sake"***


  1. awww such lovely lines.. all the best for the contest dear :) :)

  2. one word..just one...WOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-D

  3. Loved it...... dear i also was waiting for my prince charming in my days bt ..........

  4. @Suku: Thanks dear :)

    @Seema and @Rahul: Thank you :)

    @Suma: Ah, yes! Marriage has its way of showing us the reality :P

  5. some more love for you @ my blog..a special gift :) hope u like it :) :) do visit :)

  6. Loved these lines. You write poetry so well~!
    I had similar dreams.. Read that here

  7. Wow ma'am... you should consider writing poems often! Very nice.. and all the best for the contest :)