Sunday, November 20, 2011


Normally I am very calm and genteel person and very rarely people get to see the other side of me (the Kali-Durga Maa kind of divinity in me). But if we were to analyze on the matter “Prasanna Rao ko gussa kyon aata hain”, then the primary reason would be-pushing me too much, physically and emotionally.

Now I know the general consensus is that girls are very mysterious and usually their NO has some hidden meaning and a girl’s no supposedly means a YES. I don’t know about other girls, but for me, my NO means a NO, a big NO. There is no excuse for why I will say no to something I want. And that’s the reason why I hate, really HATE people cajoling me into doing something that I don’t like.

Let me explain with an example, a typical scene from my house on a weekend.

Most of the times I am a social person but, there are times when all I want to do is stay at my house, put my feet up and watch a good movie on the telly. But as fate would have it, my husband would have some other plans, namely going to a party hosted by his friend/boss/brother (did I mention that he’s a total extrovert who hardly stays at home). Now this is how the conversation goes:

H (hubby): Arey, you dint get ready, dint I mention that we have to go to the party this evening.

Me (lounging in the couch in front of TV): I don’t feel like going out, let’s stay at home today. Make some bahana no and say we can’t come to the party.

H (now grumbling and making faces): But I have already called and informed we are coming.  I promise we will be back by an hour.

Me (thinking how on earth in Bangalore can we go somewhere and be back in an hour, that too on weekends!):  I want to watch this movie badly. You go and make some excuse for me na, please.

You get the drift. After this starts the long battle of counting ‘who-did-what-for-whom’. J

I guess this might be the scene in most households with maybe the roles reversed (the wife needling and husband protesting). But with me, if I don’t like something then no one can force me to do so. In fact the more someone forces me, the more my resolution to not to do that thing increases. I can be psychotic in these matters J

In the above situation if my hubby had let matters be and not wheedled me, maybe, just maybe I would have changed my mind and gone to that damn party.

The other kind of people I am talking about is people who are physically pushy. You know, you are sitting in the window seat of a bus enjoying the cool breeze when this gigantic aunty with a humongous bottom comes and plops herself next to you. By the time she adjusts herself in the seat, half of your body is out of the window. I am very particular about my quota of the seat or my portion of the bed and I don’t like anyone invading my space. I try to be pushy too in such situations, but invariably give up in the end, thinking of being squashed next to the sweaty underarms of the gigantic aunty. Ah, I prefer being half out of the window anytime compared to the other alternative. 


  1. ""half out of the window""" - i was rolling with laughter at that

    """the long battle of counting ‘who-did-what-for-whom’""" - you described one of our fight scenes too :))
    and i've been winning it for so long that now Sathya simply says "aithu naan yenu madey illa" hahah
    and then i feed bad & i tell him (!!) the things he HAS done

  2. Where'd my previous comment disappear off to? :/
    Anyway, in case it didn't get posted,

    I laughed my ass off with the "half out of the window" description :D :D
    And I could also feel the seriousness, so, superbly written, and a very engaging post :D

    If you had a few minutes to spare, could you read a post of mine? And if you like it, could you give it a vote? I'd be most grateful, it'd mean a lot :)

  3. @ Sujatha: I guess its the same story in all homes:) But I have these memory lapses when I try to think of what I have done for my hubby. Maybe I should just keep a small diary for jotting down :)

    @ Story Teller: Thanks, and all the best with the contest :)

  4. You have a great humorous way of penning. Gripping narrative.

  5. hahahahah.. i was laughing all the way.. especially with the bus thing..

    about the fight i dont know ya.. i am one paavam..i just go when my hubby calls me.. i dont fight.. provided he has taken my permission b4 saying yes and also if it is a party i hate then he promises to do a return favour.. otherwise i am good gal :P :P :P...

  6. @ Pramodji: Thank you.

    @ SuKu: Ritchie is one lucky guy then :) And yeah the return favour thing works with us too :) Something like "Ok, I'll come to the party, but you owe me one now" ":P

  7. ROFL!! Like many of them mentioned, the description of second part is hilarious... :P :) I think this is something common with everyone :) even the first part for that matter... to some extent :)

  8. @ Sunil: Yes, I think to some extent everyone is persuasive, but I usually give up after 2 or 3 try. I guess I am not pushy enough for my own good :)