Friday, August 12, 2011

My First Blogoversary

Ok I am guilty, guilty of ignoring my blog for too long and not writing any new posts for weeks. But I have a valid reason, there have been some major changes in my life. Unfortunately I can’t share it on my blog, but when the time is right I promise to write a complete post on this phase of my life. Anyway I am happy with these changes and now that I am settled back in my life, I am back to blogging with full of zest.

In the midst of all the madness engulfing my life, I totally and completely forgot my blog’s first anniversary. I know I should be guilty and believe me, I am. I started blogging in June of 2010, but I took it seriously only after few months. Blogging has affected me in many ways and changed my life for better. Initially I faced a lot of problems as I knew nothing about the blogging world. I always liked to write but I dint know how to promote my blog, none of my friends blogged, so I dint know whom to ask. Finally I took help from the universal guide-Google. Slowly I learnt about blogging and in fact I am still learning.

I remember initially I floundered on topics to write on my blogs. I dint know what to write about, I used to think about topics that would attract more readers. But then I stopped writing for a while and started reading other blogs. And then I understood the essence of good writing is not writing about what others would like. It’s writing about your passions in life, about things that affect you in life. No matter how mundane the topic, if you are really passionate about it, then it will seem interesting to others. I love books so I decided to write reviews about books I read. I get affected by the problems faced by women in day to day life. I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard feminist but yes I feel women are not appreciated enough in a man’s world. On second thoughts, maybe I am a feminist. My blog becomes a medium to vent out my frustrations and in the end it makes me a better person. You know how it’s bad to keep your frustrations pent up in your mind. And if people like what I write about, what I feel passionate about, nothing else could make me happier.

Blogging has become more of a need to me and I enjoy reading other blogs too. There so many good bloggers out there and I mean DAMN GOOD. Taking out time to write is becoming increasingly difficult in the maddeningly hectic life that I lead, but as I said it’s a need. And when you like something you make time for it. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BLOG. And all though I am already a li’l (Ok Ok a lot!) late, I Love you my blog and I promise to write to more often, unlike my poor performance in the previous year. Time to sign off before I get too emotional and my tears spill over on my laptop. Ciao…


  1. now that you have realized it....
    so keep it in mind and keep up dating :P

  2. Welcome back prasanna ma'am.. :) And I wish your blog a very happy b'day :P ..

    "....There so many good bloggers out there and I mean DAMN GOOD. Taking out time to write is becoming increasingly difficult in the maddeningly hectic life..."

    So true!! And you are one among those "good bloggers", and I am happy that I follow your blog.. :)

  3. Just thought of letting you know that I really enjoy reading your blog! So... keep blogging :-)