Friday, June 17, 2011

My Li'l Sunshine Of Happiness

Last weekend when I was feeling bored and wee bit depressed, I decided to take things in my hand and instead of moping around, I decided I would make myself happy. I know that I cannot force myself into being happy, but I decided to list out all the things that make me happy, and whatever was feasible in those options I would do it. So impelled by this idea, with a pen and paper in hand, I got down to create a list (Have I said you I am a list-maniac, I have lists for everything)

Well, I thought on what makes me happy and came up with this list below:


Eating outside or eating chocolate or sweet or eating anything I like...Basically eating is the key word here :0

Reading a good book or watching a good movie


With my pen hovering over the paper I suddenly realized that I got into my bad mood because I overslept. So I quickly struck off the last option.

I also realized that all the options I had written gave me material happiness and it is short-lived. As soon I finish shopping I will feel guilty about the money I spent. As soon as I finish the bar of chocolate I will feel guilt-ridden about the extra calories I gained. And as soon as I finish reading the book or watching the movie my happiness will also end.

So I thought harder and wanted to find out what makes me really happy (You see, I have so much free time in weekends).

Then I got it. I felt happy when I was around my family and friends. I love spending time with my family and specifically with the youngest member of our family. She is almost a year and a half and all though her name is "Shreya" she prefers to call herself "Theya".

She is my niece and being the only baby in our house she gets pampered a lot. And don’t you get fooled by her big wet puppy eyes. Using those eyes she has mastered the art of manipulating people into doing exactly what she wants. Unfortunately I can’t see her every day as she stays miles away from me in my native place. All though I could not hold her in my arms to drive away my depression, I decided to make a collage of all her photos and put it in my blog.

I remember once when I was gloomy and sat dejectedly, she came running to me with her small feet doing pitter-patter sounds. She came and hugged me and planted a kiss on my cheeks. She's my ray of sunshine and my hope of happiness. She's a small tornado of happiness and when you meet her you just can’t help smiling and picking her up in your arms.

One day, she will grow up and loose her innocence and naivety but the memory of her unconditional love and undeniable cuteness will always remain with me. This post is dedicated to you my love, my sweetheart, "Theya".

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