Sunday, June 12, 2011

Book review-"She Broke Up, I didn't... I Just Kissed Someone Else"

AAARGHH!!! If ever there was an irritating book that I have read, then this must be the one. "She Broke Up, I didn't..." by Durjoy Datta is the first book that I have read in "Deb-Avantika" series. Apparently there are 3 books and this book is the last one in the series. There are 2 main reasons why I found this book irritating and hard to complete.

This book had so many typographical errors that I actually wondered if I had picked up a wrong edition of the book. Like the one before the proofreading of Datta's manuscript. This book had typos in every page and every paragraph and I am not even exaggerating. Seriously, the proof-reader of this book needs to work harder. The typos just get on your nerves after some pages.

Second reason why I found this book annoying was in the first 25 odd pages of the book, the author does not stop extolling the divine beauty of the female lead in the story-Avantika. Well it was ok in the first few pages. The author drives the point-that Avantika is Kat-Kareena-Priyanka all rolled up in one and then much more... So there is no need to go on and on about it. It just exasperates the reader after some time.

The plot is really not that bad. Deb and Avantika have been going around together for almost 3 years. Avantika is breath-takingingly beautiful and guess how it makes Deb feel? INSECURE!!! Typical male, you think aloud, eh? Deb, is the quintessential male, with an ego even bigger than his head.

Deb and Avantika are in a 2 year management course and everything is all okey-dokey(or should I say mushy-sushy). But all hell breaks loose when Avantika does a project with a fellow classmate, Kabir. Deb just can’t control his jealous and suspicious feelings. When he goes to Mumbai for a case study program with another gorgeous bombshell called Malini, he ends up drunk and in a lip lock with Malini. Avantika forgives him on the pretext that he was drunk and not in his sense. But when the situation is reversed and Avantika is involved with Kabir in a non-platonic way, Deb finds it too hard to forgive and forget. Does Deb love Avantika so much that he can forgive her and take her back in his life. Read the book to find out.

The story is quite predictable and there is nothing new in it. The author has kept an open ending, probably to continue in the next series (all though I have heard his next book is not "Deb-Avantika" series).

I am going with a generous 2.5 for "She Broke Up, I didn't...” I didn’t like the book but, there is one paragraph in the book that stands out the most in my mind-

"That day, my whole perception about her changed. She was the usual. Just a girl, trying to mend her broken heart, because, guys all around, be it Toronto or Delhi, they usually turn out to be assholes."

There you go, straight from the horse's mouth. Need I say more :-)

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