Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beauty and the beast.

What does real beauty signify? This is a topic that can be discussed for hours and no one can really reach a unanimous conclusion. Beauty brings to mind a picture of a lady with an hour-glass figure, a pretty face and a dazzling smile. Beauty brings to mind the amazing creations of God, be it the first rain carrying with it the smell of mud or the sunset at the beach resembling a fire ball drowning in the vast ocean. Beauty can bring to mind the selfless love of a mother, an innocent face of a child, the euphoric feeling of being loved and to love in return, the endless support of a friend.

In recent times, India has witnessed a huge wave of beauty-consciousness. Cities where beauty salons and spas were unheard of few years before have become home to the ultra-modern gymnasiums, dermatologist clinics and whatnots. It seems like everyone is striving hard for that perfect skin tone, the perfect body, the perfect nose and the perfect… You get it, right?

People are ready to bear tremendous amount of pain to preserve their beauty. And unfortunately if the surgeries go wrong you will end up looking like this.

Imagine having to dish out an absurd amount of money to actually look like this!!!

It’s better to age gracefully than try to use artificial methods to retain youth and look like a fool in the whole bargain.

To me beauty is the inner core strength of each person. Like every coin has two sides to it, each person has a beautiful side and a beasty side to him or her. The goodness in you is the inner beauty that shines through even when your external beauty declines with your age. You don’t believe me? Then explain how this woman with so many wrinkles on her face still manages to look so beautiful and serene.

The beauty in me is the love and affection I feel towards my family and friends. I am not a very social person and I prefer to be left alone with my books and my cups of chai. But whenever my friends and family needs me, I am there. To me, no sacrifice is big enough for their happiness, cause they make me complete. I am what I am today because of them and without them I will not be me. I derive strength in the knowledge that I always have someone to lean on and through thick and thin times I have someone to support me. My beauty lies in the relationship that I share with them. You may not see me with a group of friends laughing loud and having a blast of a time. But you will see me with a couple of friends having a silent dinner and sharing a joke between us. Yep, that’s me and I am thankful that my close ones have accepted me with all my quirks. I love them because they make me feel beautiful from deep within me.


  1. that was a beautiful post.meaning of beauty varies from person to person....
    and one thing i agree with you ppl are just ready to do anything for getting a flawless body,cuz thats the only meaning for "beauty" they consider.
    and today old people have bcum extinct:)

  2. Very nice post...loved your blog..:)