Sunday, June 19, 2011

"Goddess For Hire" By Sonia Singh

Well, I could describe this book in few words: whacky, light and breezy read and marginally funny.

What does a hip chick like Maya who has spent most of her life shopping, sleeping and then shopping some more do, when she finds out that she is the reincarnation of none other than Goddess Kali? First of all she does more research on who exactly is Kali. When she finds out that Kali is a dark Goddess who was given birth in order to kill a monster, she decides to do some serious kick ass action to eradicate evil and save the world. In the process, if she gains some worshippers who gift her expensive bags and cars and loads of cash, well what could she ask for more?

Apart from all this, Maya has to also handle her parents who think of her as having no potential, her innumerous aunts who are hell bent on getting Maya hitched with a nice Indian desi boy before her biological clock stops ticking. Her aunts have matched her off with this handsome hunk called Tahir. But the problem is, Tahir is absolutely uninterested in Maya. Reason? He prefers a nice Indian wife who can cook and look after his home. Not a Goddess who runs off each time her malevolence meter makes her go-Ugh!!!

Goddess for Hire is a light book, a definite no-brainer, which can be reserved for reading on lazy weekend afternoons. You remember the David Dhawan-Govinda starrer movies you went to, leaving your brains behind and just enjoyed the movie. Well, this is such a book where it’s better not to ask questions like how, what, when and don’t even think about logic. The book is not the LOL types but yes, it has its funny moments. I especially like the character of Ram, Maya’s spiritual guide, who despite being a Hindu priest is happy to go munching on veggie burgers, pizzas and sipping on Coke. Anyone game for the “New Age Guru”?

I am going with 3 out of 5 for “Goddess for Hire”. After reading all the James Patterson books this light book at some 300 odd pages was refreshing and a welcome change.

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