Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Funny guys, these corporate types.

Recently I witnessed how loony these corporate people are (I am referring to the big fishes in our office and not small ones like me...).

I came to office looking all drowsy and sleepy on Monday morning, poured myself a cup of hot, brewing, brown sweet liquid(in my office this concoction is called coffee!!!) and opened my mail to check for workload.

What came to my sight were around 15-20 mails in my Inbox. All of them had the same subject: "Please add my name to this list". Now our IT security has strict non-spamming policies, so I was sure these were not spam. I opened the first of the mails to find some guy from US requesting his name to be added in a Distribution List. Fair enough. But instead of addressing the email to the owner of the group, he had sent it to the entire group. I opened the second mail, in which a guy requested not to spam his mails and to send the request to the owner of the DL only. Well, this mail was again sent to the entire list.

Yes, you guessed it right. All the other mails were sent by people requesting to stop the email thread and to stop spamming their inbox. All mails were sent to the entire list and all these people were actually spamming while requesting to stop spamming. What an irony!!!


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