Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reality Bites

I have been so busy with my work for the past few weeks that I have been missing out on all my favourite shows on tube. But last weekend when I got a little time to spend by myself, I switched on the TV to catch some news or at least to watch a good movie. But what I saw was so fantastic and unbelievingly real, that I was hooked. Yes, I was hooked on to reality shows, the fast catching genre on TV.

Well, this particular show that I was watching was on Channel V and it was called “Date My Folks”. The show hosted by VJ Andy (weird guy, not even sure if he’s a guy???) arranges the date between the boy and the girl. But the twist is, the boy/girl has to date the parent and if the parent consents only then boy/girl gets to met his/her date. Something like an arranged date.

In the episode that I saw, a Gujarati father was searching a date for his son. In the beginning, the father specifically mentioned that he wanted a very traditional and decent daughter in law for his son. The kind that sits at home, covers her face with a veil and bears him grandsons. The son wanted a hot girlfriend. As a wife he wanted a very decent lady who would not go to late night parties, but sit at home and make him “Alu ke paranthe”(Indian bread stuffed with boiled potatoes). VJ Andy introduced the father to the 2 girls who wanted to date his son(??) Now, one of the girls was wearing mini skirt (or something of that kind) and the other one appeared in an absurd skirt-top combination(also called Gagra-choli).

The father first went on date with the mini skirt clad lady (surprise-surprise). The date was near a swimming pool and apparently the girl changed into a bikini in front of her future-FIL(Fortunately “V” didn’t show this) and the traditional gujju father also went swimming with the girl( I wonder if his traditions allowed this). Needless to say, this father rejected the girl because she was too forward for his son. But what happened next in the second date with the Gajra-choli clad girl was unbelievable.

This girl’s mother heard about the (mis-) behaviour of the Gujju on the first date barged in and slammed the guy with all kinds on insults(promptly beeped by the channel, seriously the beeper guy works hard on such shows). The father in his defence claimed that he wanted to show the girl what could happen if she dressed and behaved indecently. He also believed that men had a right to eve-tease and eye-ball any girl who wears jeans, shorts or minis . Please note any women activists wanting to sue this guy can contact Channel V for his details.

I just cannot believe that such narrow minded and cheap mentality men exist even in this century. But obviously, they do exist.

Another reality based show that is good on V is “Axe ur Ex” which is based on the unique concept of taking revenge on your ex. On TV. In front of millions of viewers. The pranks played on the ex vary from insulting him/her in front of public to fake policemen arresting and scaring the ex out of his/her wits. In fact in an episode one ex(invariably a guy) was forced into a van where a couple of fake people acting as mental doctors gave him electric shocks. So all you people planning to dump your girlfriends/boyfriends, be aware. You might end up being a victim of this show… You never know...

I am leaving you now with this short video of Axe-your-ex .Enjoy.

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  1. gud , keep it up ,date my folks , n axe ur x , both d programs r gud , am wathin dees progrms 4m long time.