Monday, May 23, 2011

A Tribute to leechen-ROT IN HELL

I am sure every girl around and above the age of 15 has had her share of experiences with leeches. I am not talking about leeches that attach to your body and sucks blood. I am referring to two legged leeches called men who act normal in society, are well educated, come from a respectable family and work in a good company. Basically they are NORMAL under all circumstances until they come in close proximity with a girl. Then the demon in them gets unleashed and all acts of normalcy disappear.

Let me be clear. I am stating in the beginning of this post. I AM NOT GENERALISING MEN. I am referring to this small category of men with their cheap mentality and their deep dark psyche which perceive all women (except for their sisters and mother, hopefully) as objects of desire and nothing else.

Again, I am clearing the fact that most men I know are genuine. They are caring, understanding and respect women for what they are and what they are capable of. But this post is only for the small portion of men that I prefer to call leechen (leech+men).

I had my first experience of leechen when I was around 14-ish. I was coming back from library late evening, when a group of boys near me started singing loudly "Jadoo teri nazar, kushboo tera badan" and making obscene gestures. At that young age, I was embarrassed and felt guilty at this incident. Somehow, I felt that my dress was too suggestive (even though I was wearing extra extra large churidar) and I should not have been out at that late hour (all though it was just 7 PM).

As years went by and I had more experiences with leechen, I realized that the problem was not with me. The problem was with these men who degraded women, forgetting the fact that it was a woman who had given birth to them, nurtured them and made them capable of standing on their own shitty feet.

I have lost count of the times that I have not protested when such incidents happened to me but at some point of time I realized that the more I sit silently, submissively, the more I feel guilty, dirty and angry at myself. When I stand up for myself, I not only feel proud of myself but I will make the leechen think twice before attempting the same act on some other girl.

The odd hand that tries to grab you in a public bus or a deserted lane, the indecent gestures that you are subjected to from a total stranger, the lewd passes from auto/bike guys when you are walking on roads-all are forms of eve-teasing. Poke, hurl, shout, slap, do something but do not SIT SILENTLY.

Everyone talks about how to stop eve-teasing, talks about laws against it but right now, as I write and as you read this post, some girl in some part of the world is being molested, abused. How many of these cases go unnoticed, uncared and not reported. A staggering three-fourths or more. I think it’s time we took a firm stand against eve-teasing so that the world is a much better and safer place for women.

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  1. You can never get rid of these leechen completely. It's sad that these men forget the simple fact that a woman has given birth to them and that they should learn to treat them with respect.