Friday, March 4, 2011

If I was not a software engineer, I would be …

Often when I get depressed in my job and want to escape from reality, I slip into my dream world. A world where I am doing what I love to do, a world where I don’t have to cry or drag my feet every mornings (especially Monday mornings) to my work place. I would be enthusiastic and really motivated about the job that I do. My profession in my dream varies, depending on my degree of depression but, here’s a list of my dream jobs:

           Detective- I always, always wanted to be a detective, right since I first picked up my Nancy Drew  book. From then on, as I progressed to Agatha Christie and James Hadley Chase, my fantasies grew and progressed. In my fantasy, there would be a gruesome murder and the entire cop force would be baffled and unsuccessful in solving this murder. Finally they throw their hands up in air and arrive at my doorstep asking (*read begging*) me to solve it. I would walk in (imagine “Mission Impossible” track in background at this point) with a cigar in my mouth and in few minutes solve the case. All the detectives would look at me in admiration and wish they were like me- a genius with an unparalleled brain.

         Own a book shop- When I am deep in depression (Picture me with desolate expression, sitting with a large tub of chocolate ice cream), I dream about owning my own book shop. I plan to open a book shop, but this will not only be a mere shop but a book shop with a difference. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee, put up your feet, read your favorite book or just watch a match on the tube. People can relax, play pool, have a chat with your friends or enjoy a feet massage (NO guys, body massage is not included!!!). I will float in and around, looking beautiful and serene, having a laugh with all my customers and making them feel happy. At this point I sometimes also imagine, people coming up to me and telling that I have a wonderful place and thanking me for coming up with such a great idea.

       Becoming a farmer- Or actually my husband being a farmer and me enjoying the nature and quietness of a calm and soothing village. Mornings I wake up to listen to the sounds of waves lapping the shores (Don’t ask me how I can have farms and live by the seashore, after all it’s a dream…). I take long walks by the beach, bring lunch to my husband who will be busy toiling in the farm and generally enjoy a worry-free life without having people(*read managers*) bent on making my life miserable.

Apart from this, I also dream sporadically about other jobs like being a security guard (so that I can sit in a chair whole day and do nothing but check other people’s bags ), being a grade school teacher(I quit this thought when I imagine I have to handle a bunch of high-energy, highly-spirited kids ) and so on…
I don’t mind actually picking up some these professions, provided I get a steady income. After all shopping clothes of my favorite designers, catching a movie or having a dinner in that high-end restaurant requires moolah…


  1. Hi prasanna ma'am! How are you!? Couldn't get your email Id, so have posted here as comments :P ..

    BTW, nice blog. Haven't gone through all posts though.. Hmmm.. Your dream of becoming teacher (although you specifically mentioned grade school) got fulfilled to some extent teaching us.. though we were not high-energy, highly-spirited .. :)

  2. Hi, I too read ur blog and its nice :) Who says u guys were not high-energy and high-spirited, but I want to teach toddlers :) And please dont call me maam, I feel like hundred and fifty years old :P