Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who killed Aarushi?

I know much has been said and written about the Aarushi Talwar murder case, aka, The Noida double murder case, but the recent news of the CBI filing a closure report and the attack of Dr. Rajesh Talwar outside the courtroom have triggered a fresh memory of this tragic incident. For those who have not heard of this case, Aarushi Talwar, daughter of the dentist  couple, Nupur and Rajesh Talwar was murdered on the night of 15 May 2008.

The 14-year old girl was found in her bedroom with her throat slit. Two days later, Talwar’s man servant, Hemraj was found dead in their terrace. The 2 murders took place on the same night and in same way: a hit by heavy blunt instrument (later CBI concluded a golf stick was used) and then a slit in the throat by a sharp instrument, probably a Kukhri. Even after 3 years, this murder mystery has not been solved and the main reason is the shoddy and careless initial investigation procedure done by the Noida/UP police. Later ,CBI was also involved but by then the SOC was no longer available. The media also hyped tremendously on this story distorting a lot of facts and using it for their own benefit. For the complete story on this tragic incident read here.

Early this year the CBI filed a closure report stating that the Talwars were guilty, but due to lack of circumstantial evidence they were closing this case. I know people have a right to be held innocent until proven guilty but in this case it is opposite, the Talwar's will be considered guilty until proven innocent. The kind of social ostracism they will have to face is unimaginable. I know that all the facts in the case strongly points to some kind of criminal conspiracy from parents, but until they have solid proof, we should stop playing guessing games. Also, all police officers should be given a mandatory training on handling crime scenes. This would ensure that our cops do not blunder the next time we have such gruesome murders.

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