Thursday, January 13, 2011

The day I fell on a stranger.

No, my dear friends, I have not become that desperate to flung myself on a stranger. This happened not due to my uncontrollable libido but due to some unavoidable, accidental situation.

Let me explain, if anyone of you(yes!!!, I am referring to you, my only reader) have traveled by a Volvo bus then you will know that there are 4 seats in the front of the bus facing each other. Now, most of the passengers prefer the seats facing the front of the bus. But sitting in these seats can create a lot of embarrassment (as I discovered, to my harassment).

It so happened that few days back I was sitting in this seat facing a guy, who was working with his laptop.(Ugggh, who works on a laptop in a bus! Seriously, is work that important!!!) Most of the seats were occupied and there was a girl standing next to my seat.Suddenly a school uniform clad girl decided to cross the road and our driver had to brake to an abrupt halt. The girl standing next to me jerked so badly that she fell forward and ended up on all fours, next to the driver. To my embarrassment, I was pushed forward and ended up practically in laps of the guy in front of me. (No, the guy was not cute, so I dint enjoy it)(replacing the lap-top, Get it???I guess not :(..) I was so embarrassed, I muttered a sorry and looked at him as if I was really, genuinely sorry. The guy was more worried about the damage I created to his precious laptop. They were few passengers who advised the driver on how to drive safely(which obviously fell on deaf ears). Soon the incident was forgotten, but I was smiling to myself thinking this is a first in my life-"Throwing myself without abandon in arms of a stranger"... Hmmm I may have tweaked this story for my own advantage, but who cares??  :)


  1. Hahaha!!!no comments for you! May I know who is this only reader you are referring to???