Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge- Chapter 13- Make blood run cold

I'll Be There Beside You
Chapter 13

Today’s Idiom – Make blood run cold

Meaning- When your blood runs cold, you are experiencing a feeling of horror, dread, fear or a strong foreboding.

“Hey, grab those seats and I’ll get us pitchers of beer”, shouted Santhosh over the loud music.

We were in Trance, an up-market nightclub, with smoky bars and a large dance floor right in the middle of the pub. Karthik and I moved towards the seating area on the upper floor and waited for Santhosh to arrive with the drinks. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. My day with Lalitha had gone extremely well.

After a hearty south-Indian breakfast in Vidyarthi Bhavan, a traditional Tiffin house in South Bangalore, we reached Lalbagh. But a sudden downpour had forced us to take cover under the large trees of the gardens. I don’t know if it was the romantic weather or the fact that Lalitha looked so beautiful that made me hold her hand and draw her close towards me. Fortunately for me, Lalbagh was not so crowded in the morning and there were no guards patrolling the garden, looking for couples getting cozy behind the bushes.

I felt Lalitha stiffening with anxiety and I remembered that she had been brought up in an orthodox family. I smiled nervously and let go of her hand. But a few minutes later when Lalitha took my hand and kissed it, I knew that I had won her heart.

“Hey lovebird, what are you dreaming about”, Santhosh asked as he brought three large pitchers of beer to our table.

“I had the most amazing day with Lalitha”, I replied in short.

“Sudhir, I was talking about you to my mother yesterday on the phone and she was really surprised that you agreed to marry Lalitha. I think it’s very noble of you.” Karthik hailed from Udipi too and his parents still lived in their ancestral property in Udipi. He stared at me as if I deserved a Nobel Prize.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you know about Lalitha? I thought your mother knew.”

I was about to ask Karthik to explain, when my attention was drawn towards a tall, slender girl dancing on the floor. From where I was seated I had a partial view of the dance floor and this girl had her back towards me but yet, there was something familiar about her.

Her dance, while being slow, was seductive and graceful and most men were ogling at her from far. She was wearing a short, frilly skirt and a tight top that hugged her curves and accentuated her lean body.

When she turned around, the realization that I’d been deceived by my innocent fiancĂ©e, Lalitha, made my blood run cold.

“Lalitha, Lalitha”, I shouted and at the same time her eyes met mine and there was a fleeting flicker of recognition before she started moving towards the exit.

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