Monday, July 28, 2014

Fearless in a Big Bad City

As Annie’s stop approached, she got down from her bus but she was scared when she saw a dark, smarmy looking man waiting in the shadows near the bus shelter.

She began walking rapidly towards her house and even though it was a dark, cloudy night, she could see the man following a few steps behind her.

This had been happening for few days and now she wished that she had had a brother, a father or at least a boyfriend who could protect her but then Annie was an orphan and she told herself that if she could defend herself all through her life then she could fight on her own too.

“Hey you, slime ball, why don’t you show your face instead of hiding in the shadows so that when the police have you behind the bars I can identify you”, she shouted loudly, turning back and confronting the stranger.

As the man ran away, scared at her outburst, Annie smiled and decided to enroll herself in a self-defense class immediately; after all she was a fearless, single, independent woman in big, bad world.

Note- Written for Lillie McFerrin 5 sentence fiction- Fearless


  1. Loved every word of is. Women should stand up for themselves regardless of having parents or boyfriends.

  2. Sometimes there is no one but ourselves to stand up for us. Strong writing and character.

  3. We all need to be like that. We are our best guards!

  4. Annie is an inspiration. To all the women out there. Sometimes, you need to have your own back.

  5. Women these days needs to be fearless, the world gets meaner day by day.
    I had experienced a similar situation, only that, I didn't shout aloud and call him a slime ball but gave him that grave look (probably pre-warned him that not all women will succumb to threats).

  6. An example of how women should be. Fearless should be our mantra, good one!