Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book Review 2014 #14 : Lost Lake by Phillip Margolin

Title: Lost Lake

Author: Phillip Margolin

About the story: On a summer night in Portland, Oregon, violence erupts at a Little League game, and attorney Ami Vergano watches in horror as the quiet, gentle artist she recently befriended does the unexpected and unthinkable.

In a cheap motel room in Washington, D.C., Vanessa Kohler, ex-mental patient, supermarket tabloid reporter, and estranged daughter of a powerful general running for president, views a news broadcast of the bizarre incident and believes she's found the only witness to a deadly conspiracy.

Caught between a possible madwoman and a confessed mass murderer, between reality and delusion, Ami races to unearth the terrible truth about dark events that may or may never have happened twenty years earlier in a secluded cabin on Lost Lake.

Review: I cannot help picking up novels wherever I go and few weeks back when I was closeted in my house in Mangalore due to incessant rains, I was grateful for this book which my brother had borrowed from the local library.

This was my first Phillip Margolin book and what struck me when reading it, was the absolutely brilliant narration which goes back and forth between the past and the present events. I am a complete sucker for books that involves government conspiracies, gruesome murders and FBI investigations. This book had loads of those and yet it fell short in some aspects.

The first few pages build tremendous amounts of suspense and intrigue; however, what I did not like is the lack of twists in the plot after few chapters. The story unfolds somewhere in the middle of the book and then there is nothing much to arouse the reader’s interest for the rest of story.

Even then the book is fast paced, lots of action and an entertaining read for all lovers of crime/thriller genres. Well, I have picked up Margolin’s another book- Sleeping Beauty and hope that I find it better than this one.

Rating: 3.5/5

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