Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April AToZ Challenge Day 7- G is for God I Believe In

Why is that to seek God, to pray to Him, we always go to a temple or a church? Why do we need an idol to feel His presence around us? Why in the name of religion do we kill and hurt others?

I am not an atheist but my opinion on God or religion is not something that many share. When I was growing up my mother used to light the lamp in front of the few laminated images of God and pray every evening. But she never forced us to do the same. In fact she is not very spiritual, she believes in God but does not believe in over doing the devotion in the form of going to temple often and offering Pujas*.

I have nothing against people who believe in going to temple and praying because I think that everyone have their own unique way of connecting with God. But I have imbibed my mother’s thought of line because frankly, I can never communicate with God in a crowded temple, with people jostling for space and the temple pundits push you ahead of the line even before you have had a chance to see His magnificent idol and fold your hands in a prayer.

I have seen when the Puja is going on in temples most women concentrate more on their own/adjacent lady’s jewels or the sari. I would prefer going to a small but peaceful temple where I can sit silently and introspect on my inner thoughts. I know that this brings more peace to my mind and I feel one with God. I don’t believe in offering donations to temples which I never know where it will end up in. I would rather give it to a person who is in dire need of financial help to save his/her own life or a loved one’s.

I also don’t believe that there are multiple Gods because it defies a common logic. I mean, come on, if there are different Gods, how do Gods choose the religion of a new born child? Do they decide on a percentage basis, do they toss coins, or pick a chit? It’s unbelievable that there are several Gods. God is one and only one. Yes, he may have different forms to which we pray but there is only one supreme, ultimate power.

The prayer of a Hindu folding his hands in a temple, the prayer of a Muslim bowing down in a Mosque, the prayer of Christian kneeling down in a Church, all reach to same God. Then why do we restrict people of different faith from entering our places of worship? Then why in the name of religion do we fight and kill each other? I have absolutely no idea.

* Puja is a prayer ritual performed by Hindus to worship one or more deities


  1. Loved it Prasanna
    U sound just like me. I too dont get logic behind all this . I once wrote a similar post and was attacked by religious maniacs that too in office :)

    Like they say "I have nothing against God but it is his fans association which I can't stand"
    What half of the ppl do is show off.

    Absolutely loved ur G post lady

    1. You know something Afshan, we have a puja room at house but I don't pray daily. In fact I go to the puja room only some days but when I do I am completely at peace. Initially my husband used to question my faith in God but after several years he has come to understand me. Truth is every fanatic will attack you when you claim that you believe in something different. Thank you for the comment :)

  2. I agree people are more concerned about what to wear to temple than the actual reason behind going there. But I do believe that one goes to the place of worship because of the tranquility felt inside it. A sense of calm and peace. Now imagine this, you are sitting at your place and you hear a bell ringing. It could be an ice-cream cart passing by but it irks you. Now imagine you are inside a temple and you hear the same bell, its the chime from the temple. Doesn't irk you but actually makes you more peaceful. Perceptions differ.
    But then again, I do not understand why the restrictions to members of other religions from entering out place of worship.

    1. I agree Red. Few years back my husband and I had gone to Tirupathi. After hours of waiting in line and jostling in the crowd, when finally it was time for Darshan we hardly got few seconds, Just as I folded my hands in prayer and bowed my head I was pushed aside by the pundit asking me not to block the line. I never felt the devotion or that peace that comes from going to a temple. I love going to temples which are far less crowded where I can sit silently and pray to Him.

  3. That's an eye opener! Great post.
    Shalzzz|Loving Life
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  4. I completely agree and I loved your post!!! According to me God I believe is omnipresent. I feel low, then I will stand right there and pray!! :)

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  5. Prasanna this post of urs really resounds with me.
    I dislike crowds wherever they may be and so I go Only to temples and places of worship which are quiet. Having said that I don't Need to go anywhere as my personal prayer room is inside my own self. I believe that religions have been made to give people a way to live a peaceful life and the Energy that makes everything run n flows through everything is termed God for the need of a solid object on which to focus our faith. Gods faces are different, depending on the region in which that religion was developed.
    It is a childish notion to think there are various heavens with varied faced Gods sitting there, this Energy has to be One.
    Again, I'm not saying what others believe is wrong, there are so many sides to each thing. In the same way all beliefs are fine as long as we are putting other beliefs down, hurting, converting, coercing etc.

  6. You know I never understood the hoopla around praying or doing pujas because everyone wants it do be done...Making the show...I prefer praying in quite and not for show... That's why the only temple I love in the whole wide world is a small shiva temple hidden in the hilly stretch between Guwahati to Shillong...It's so small and nobody goes there actually..I find peace there... I hate being told to pray for show...And I nod at every point you made here!

    Random Thoughts Naba

  7. This is thought provoking, Prasanna. As for the religions,the funny thing is you're prevented from entering temples only if they know you're not a Hindu. If you're a Christian and no one knows that, you can still enter the temples ! So what's the point in the restriction at all ? The focus should be on devotion, not ncessarily on the religion !

  8. i have a friend who though isnt a regular workshippper - is one of the most gnerous and considerate souls I hv seen

  9. To each his own way...that's the best advice a truly religious person can give to another. I think for our own growth it is important to reflect on these "god" matters and you have done that very nicely in this post. Well done!

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  10. Great post!
    I believe religious beliefs or lack of them are a personal and private matter.
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  11. Same is here...communication with God can be done anywhere and anyway... God made love not religions....I liked it a lot

  12. I so agree with you. I believe in the power of prayers and know that they can be done anywhere, even when I am sitting on my bed. It is all about connecting with Him. The crowded temples are not for me and dont believe in elaborate puja rituals too.

  13. I think the reason to go to church or temple is the resonance, so many voices going in the same direction can have a great impact on faith and spirit, so I can understand.
    None the less, I'm not one to go there, I haven't been in ages. The last thing I did was going to the Buddhist temple for new year and that lasted few minutes.
    I think everyone has a different god inside themselves.

  14. A very interesting post, Prasanna. I also prefer never to judge any, and believe it is wrong to do so. I was very intrigued by sikism and their open and inclusive philosophy for example. A house of god should be for all humans, and be between the person and the god(s) he/she believe in.. Thanks for a good read:-)

  15. I love this post. I'm agnostic and I resonate with everything you said.

    The 2 AM Writer

  16. one can say their prayers anywhere-