Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Working Women -A choice or need of the hour

A women is know for multitasking abilities. She can cook, talk over the mobile phone, work on her laptop and feed her child all at the same time. But is she really being tough on herself trying to be perfect at everything she does? Has it become obligatory for a woman to venture out and work or should the choice be left to the woman herself?

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Working Women


  1. Nice write up! You are right when you say few of us are forced to take decisions by circumstances. I quit my job by choice as well as circumstance but still have a feeling I should be using my time more effectively.

  2. good one. but don't we yearn for the networking or at least gossip? :)


  3. Loved your post at Indusladies.
    Circumstances threaten us to take decisions which we do not want...but if one is strong enough....she will always find a way that suits her dreams without affecting her family. My mother is an example for me :)