Thursday, March 21, 2013

Liebster award

This post has been pending for a long time and I owe a sincere apology to Maliny who blogs at Chasing Passions, since she was the one who had nominated me for the Liebster. Well, what makes it special is that I received it from Maliny, who I think is an excellent story-teller and a wonderful lady. Don’t believe me? Go over to her blog and check the accolades section and I will be seeing you nod your head in agreement to my opinion on Maliny J

So here are the 11 facts about me:
  1. I am an engineering graduate, currently working as a software engineer in Bangalore.
  2. I’m a typical Piscean, very shy in nature. I love being around people I’m acquainted to, but when I’m around strangers I withdraw into my own shell.
  3.  I was introduced to books (fiction) in my 7th class and since then my love saga with books has grown and flourished. I absolutely love them.
  4. I’m from Mangalore, was brought and bought up there and I’m proud of my city, even though I have been living in Bangalore for the past 3 years.
  5. I love chick lit books. It’s my favorite genre in books; others include thrillers, suspense and comics.
  6. When picking books to read I often go by the cover/title of the book. Because of this particular tendency of mine I have come across wonderful books by less known authors.
  7. I hate hypocrites. I usually avoid talking to people whom I dislike; I can never fake or act as if I like a person when I actually cannot stand the person.
  8. I lose my temper very easily but I never display my anger unless it’s a person whom I very close to. The brunt of my anger is usually borne by my husband J
  9. I love movies or books which make me laugh rather than a tear-jerker movie/book.
  10.  I have a year old daughter whom I absolutely adore.
  11. I dream of owning a library where people can walk in, have a cup of coffee, relax, put up their feet and read a book.

And for the part of passing on the award to other bloggers, most of the bloggers I know have a following exceeding 200 or have already received the award. So I’ll be skipping this part.

And to answer the 11 question from Maliny:

1 . Your dream holiday destination?
It has to be Paris or Switzerland.

2  . Favourite movie , music band / musician , author ?
I listen to a lot of Bollywood music, my favorite is A R Rehman and I used to like Anu Malik (despite the plagiarism). Favorite movie are old ones like Sholay, Chupke Chupke, Padosan.

3  . Which do you prefer? Scribbling on a piece of paper or typing onto a laptop?
Typing on a laptop

4 .  Have any of your wishes come true ? Tell us about it
Yes, I always wished that my first born should be a daughter, but when I was pregnant many said that the child would be a boy. When I came to know that my baby was a girl, I was so happy that I could have danced right there on my delivery table.

5 .  Would you like to own an apartment or a house . reason ?
A house, definitely, because a house has its own charm and also there is no restriction if you want to change the structure of the building which is not possible in an apartment.

6  . Favourite time of the day ?
Definetly night and not for the reasons some dirty minds might be thinking J I love to sleep.

7  . Do you have a best friend ? tell us about the wonderful qualities you like about him / her  .
My best friend is Anuradha Kamath, who has been with me from past 18 years. I love her simply because she was there for me at all my junctures of life. She has seen me through my rough patches and my happy days. We have been a witness to each other’s crushes, heartbreaks, love stories and marriages. I love her.

8  . Any television series / movie you would watch umpteen times over ?
Friends, Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. These are my saviors whenever I feel low in life.

9  . Where would you rather spend your retired life . In your ancestral place or in your current city ?
In my ancestral place, I love simple living. I can picture myself with my books and my cup of tea.

10 . What would your Bucket list comprise of ?
I have a long Bucket List but will mention only the top ones in the list
1.  Sky-diving
2. Scuba-dive and watch the underwater world.
3. Publish my novel(which I’m yet to pen).
4. Visit Paris or Switzerland
5. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

11 .  Tell us about your current passions in life . 
My current passions are writing fiction (I have started on short stories). I also want to learn riding a two-wheeler.


  1. hey thank you for accepting the award and for the mention :) Loved reading about you and yes, being a piscean myself i agree to what you have said. we are shy in general, but the chirpiest when in our comfort zone. Keep writing stories .Hope you get published one day :)

  2. Congrats and great to know about you. Good Luck with novel, I love when bloggers get published. :)