Saturday, March 2, 2013

When will this nightmare end

The day started off like any other day for 4 year old Jhilmil. Her parents, both working as construction site laborers, dropped her at school, watching their little girl prancing and dancing on her way to school. Jhilmil was a pretty little girl, brilliant at studies and with a permanent smile on her lips. She was the apple of her father’s eyes. Her parents saved every penny they earned, so that they could send Jhilmil to college and give her a decent education.

Once Jhilmil entered her class, her parents went off for their work. 

In the evening, her classes got over and Jhilmil walked the short distance to her grandmother’s house. Every day she spent a few hours in her granny’s house until her parents came and picked her up.

That day as usual, she had her milk and snacks and was playing outside her granny’s house with her toys. Her grandmother, who worked as a domestic help in the evening, asked Jhilmil to play outside the house. She assured that she would be back in an hours’ time.

The little girl was busy playing with her toys, unaware of the danger lurking a few feet away. Four men in a Maruti 800 car were watching Jhilmil. Her skirt, flying wildly in the breeze enticed the lecherous men and excited them. They were men with no morals, extremely depraved and wicked men. They called out to Jhilmil and offered her chocolates. 

The naïve and guileless girl accepted the chocolates with a smile. The men carried her and bundled her in their car.

The girl was scared and asked the uncles to release her. She tried to scream but one of the men was holding his hand over her mouth.

Jhilmil’s granny returned after an hour but she couldn’t find Jhilmil. She enquired in the adjacent houses, but no one had seen little Jhilmil. When her parents returned from work, they were devastated to know that their little girl was missing. 

They organized a search party to search the neighborhood, but all in vain. Jhilmil was not to be found. Her parents were sick with worry. They decided to lodge a police compliant and the police joined in the search for Jhilmil.

The next day some early morning walkers found a dead body of a small girl child in a mud heap. The little one was naked and they were bruises on her body. There was a deep injury in the right eye and the eyeball had popped out. Her neck was swollen which indicated that she might have been strangled. 

Jhilmil’s parents identified the body and confirmed that it was their daughter. 

Postmortem confirmed that the little girl was raped repeatedly and then strangled with a chord.

Jhilmil’s parent’s dreams came crashing down; they couldn’t believe that someone would hurt their little daughter.

She was just a child, damn it. What kind of a human being rapes and kills an innocent child? Are we really human or monsters? When will this nightmare end? 

P.S: This is a fictional account of a true incident that happened few weeks back in Bangalore.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda - See more at:

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda - See more at:


  1. Instead of hanging Kasabs, Afsals, Santhans, Bilavendrans, these inhuman should be hanged.

  2. Barbarians!!! They dont see a life inside that flesh.

  3. These nightmares will only end when something will be done to stop them. Otherwise these criminals will enjoy freedom and the innocent will be in prison forever!

  4. Such incidents are becoming frequent these days...I wonder if the beasts are coming out to prey on before the laws tighten or is it just more wider reporting ? Child abusers where abuse is in any form must get the worst punishment...publicly too.