Thursday, February 28, 2013

Muder on My Mind-Indifiction workshop

Indifiction workshop Edition 5.

Plot by Arvind Passey

Inspector Kamble
Suhas Roy was walking at a rapid pace listening to the soothing music on his I-pod. It was a cold wintry morning and much as his wife had implored him against going on his usual morning walk, Suhas had put on his walking shoes and started off on his daily walk. The cold draft was making him shiver, but he tenaciously walked in the narrow lane leading out from his flat to the main road. He had been taking the same route for the past 2 years, since he had started on his rather monotonous retired life.

He had almost walked half a kilometer when he stopped dead in his tracks. Despite his age Suhas had a good, strong heart. Any other man with a frail heart would have dropped dead at the gory sight that Suhas had come across. A man dressed in an impeccable business suit was hanging from the mesh of cables overhead.

Suhas did not notice the clean single bullet wound on the man’s forehead.  He was busy staring at the dead man’s legs, below which a bloody puddle had formed.  It took him a few seconds to realize that the feet on the man’s legs were missing. Blood was dripping and forming a small pool below. Suhas turned to the side of the road before the bile rose in his throat. He rushed back to his house and immediately called the police.

Half an hour later, the narrow deserted road had become a hub of police activity. A dozen police men, all bleary eyed were searching the scene for any clues or evidences. The whole area was cordoned off but residents of the apartments located near the area had gathered around to witness the gory crime scene. The dead body had been lifted and laid on the ground and some policemen were collecting forensic evidences.

Inspector Rajiv Kamble was one of the few policemen bent over the dead body scrutinizing for details. Kamble was just finishing his night duty, which except for few errant drunk drivers was pretty nondescript, when he was informed about the dead body. Cursing and muttering expletives under his breath, he climbed the police jeep and took off to the crime scene.

The ride to the place was bumpy and Kamble’s belly was wobbling like a jelly in a plate. He was 5’6 and weighed around 85 kgs, but Kamble had long back stopped worrying about useless things like fitness. He had just 5 years before his retirement from the police force and the biggest worry that kept him wide awake at night was how to financially sustain himself after his retirement.

After inspecting the dead body, he went to his chief aide, Mahesh Shirke. Shirke was a young officer, enthusiastic and hardworking and somehow had made himself indispensible to Kamble.

Kamble trusted his instincts when investigating a crime case and asked Shirke to follow up on the leads, often changing his theory multiple times during the course of investigation. This usually drove Shirke up the walls in a frenzy but he couldn’t deny the fact that his boss had a genius mind, albeit a little bizarre.

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