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The Voices

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He was standing outside the gates of St. Josephs College, waiting impatiently for Sheetal to complete her classes. Some girls walking out of the college looked at him and giggled, throwing furtive glances at him. This did not excite him. Neither was he alarmed. He was aware that he was a very good looking young man of 17 years. He was tall almost reaching 6’2 and had a well-toned body, thanks to the laborious hours at the gym
Although he was flattered by the attention he was receiving from the college girls, his eyes were still searching for Sheetal. He had been watching her for more than a month now and half a dozen times he had followed her from her college to the one bedroom apartment that she shared with her friend, a girl. Her friend was a female. He dint like his women to be of immoral character. He had high standards. 

He had been observing Sheetal discreetly and he knew a lot about her. She was an exceptionally bright girl, cherubic and exuberant, she made friends easily. Her intelligence quotient was much higher than the average college girls of her age. She had a bright future, a future that had to be tragically cut short because of him. For in few hours he was sure that Sheetal would be no more, she would be killed. And he would be the person to free her soul.

The voices in his head grew stronger. They were chanting only one word-“Kill, kill, kill!” He could not take it anymore. He started pacing the space near the gate. 

To any casual observer, he looked like the dozen or so boys who were waiting near the gate for their girlfriends to come out. But he was different. He was not Sheetal’s boyfriend, but in his mind he considered himself her lover. In fact he called himself ‘The Stud’. The eternal lover. He loved and then killed because he dint want any girl whom he loved, to love anyone else. He wanted to put his stamp on all the girls that he fell in love with. 

He had fallen in love with 4 girls before Sheetal and all the 4 ladies were dead. He first fell in love when he was 15 years old. She was a sweet girl, a year younger to him with long hair, plump and sensual lips and cheeks that he wanted to bite into when he first saw her. In fact if he remembered well, he had actually bitten her cheeks before he buried her 6 feet underground. 

But all the thinking got him more edgy and the voices in his head grew stronger and louder. He put his hands over his ears, but immediately withdrew them. 

He saw a group of school boys trudging along. A boy in the group was being ridiculed by the other boys for his short height. The small boy was crying, but the other boys dint care and they continued poking fun at him. 

This triggered off his mind to an event that happened when he was 12 years old. He was in his school walking towards his class when he noticed a small group of boys trailing him and laughing at him. They were pointing their fingers at his shorts and sneering.  He twisted his head around and noticed a large blotch of blood staining his white shorts. He started sobbing and running but the boys overtook him. They were jeering loudly, “Sissy! Sissy”. Some were calling out “Gay Boy, Gay Boy!”. 

He was in physical pain and in mental anguish. He remembered the night, when his stepdad came to his room and asked him to get naked. When he refused, his “dad” took out his belt and lashed it on his buttocks. He then raped him through the night. And this happened almost every night in his house. He was not able to talk to anyone about it, his mom dint care for him. She was busy selling her body to anyone who would accept her. After all her whisky and vodka bottles required money and prostituting was the easiest way to earn cash. He hated his mother, the only person whom he considered the reason behind his agony. In his mind all women were sluts, to be used and thrown away. They were not worthy of love. They were to be raped and then killed. The sole purpose of their existence on earth was to provide pleasure to men. Once they fulfilled their purpose, then they were to be disposed off. 

His mind snapped to the present. But he felt the whole world was jeering and taunting him.” Gay Boy! Gay Boy!” He couldn’t stand it anymore. His vision was clouded with the intense anger he felt within. With every girl he raped and killed, the voices in head had grown stronger. The tormentor was being tormented. All he wanted was redemption, to silence the voices in his head.
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Just then his vision cleared and he could see Sheetal coming out. The voices cleared, his senses sharpened. She was ethereal, so graceful, and so beautiful. For a moment he felt saddened by the horrible deed that he had planned to do, but the next moment he was back to his elements. He had a plan. He had a girl to rape and kill.

He knew the path that Sheetal took every day to reach her apartment. She had a two wheeler that she rode down Gandhi Nagar road. This stretch was usually deserted at this time of the evening and this was where he planned to kidnap her.

He followed her in his Alto car he had stolen a few days back. When they reached G.N road, he increased his speed so that his car and Sheetal’s two wheeler were now driving alongside. Sheetal darted a questioning look at him before she and her vehicle were hurtled into the small pit on road side. 

He had hit Sheetal’s vehicle and, now he quickly got out of his car. But before Sheetal could react, he took the chloroform soaked cloth and held it near her face. He then made sure that no one was watching him and deftly carried her inside his car.

He then rode to the dilapidated building in the city outskirts. He knew that no one ever came to this house. It was an old building that was partially destroyed due to a fire accident.

He gently placed Sheetal on the floor and sat beside her. He kept the sickle he was carrying next to him. She looked so serene in her sleep. He gently pushed the strands of hair that covered her face and taking her hands in his, he looked around the place. 

Few years back it was his house, but now, no one lived in it. He remembered the fateful night when after his stepdad had another of his “visits” to his room, he had heard the voices in his head. The world was chanting “Kill, kill, kill” repeatedly, until he had doused the entire house with kerosene and lit a fire. He watched from the outside as his parents were burnt alive. He could hear their shrieks but they calmed him, pacified him. He slept peacefully that night. The world felt pity on him as he was orphaned. But he was ecstatic, jubilant because he was free. 

Sheetal was stirring in her sleep, she was gaining consciousness. He got her the red rose that he bought for her. After all it was her first night and no first night was complete without roses. He was a romantic to the core. 

But as she opened her eyes, she looked terrified. She bolted upright and tried to run. He caught hold of her. He wanted to profess his love, to make love, to receive her love back. But Sheetal started struggling against him. She tried to bite him and this excited and angered him simultaneously. He already had a hard-on. He hit her across the cheeks and she fell on the floor. 

The bitch was trying to act smart, he thought. He tried to shake her by nudging her with his foot. But she took him by surprise as she lunged for him and cut his throat using his sickle. Blood spurted out from his neck. The bitch was going to pay now, he thought as the voices screamed in his head “Kill her, kill her”. 

He caught hold of her neck and squeezed it with all his might. But Sheetal was stronger than he thought. She drew the sickle across his gut and he fell down. The voices in his head had now turned against him. The whole world was chanting “Kill the bastard, kill the bastard”.  Finally he breathed his last and the world was silent again.

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  1. Whoa! Oh Lord! This could've been a surefire winner for the last edition's topic too! I wonder if it was all planned, the sickle so she'd kill him... but why didn't he kill himself earlier if he wanted to die?! Gruesome post.. with all the detailed memories and such.

  2. My kind of story..very engrossing & well paced.ATB for BAT

  3. @ leo: Thanks, Hope I have done justice to your theme :)

    @Whisperingsilence: Thanks and the best to you too :)

  4. the ending was unexpected ! like your previous post for BAT this one too is a winner for me . . :)

  5. C.S: Thank you for your comments Sir :)

    Menachery: Thanks :)

    Maliny: Thanks a ton :) I have just started reading the BAT entries and I have liked all that I read :)

  6. Beautifully written. ATB for the BAT !

  7. Please. Write. More. For. Us.

    Absolutely spell binding!! I want more such stories!!!

  8. @Maverick: Thank you :)

    @Chhavi: Thanks for the words of appreciation :)

  9. wow.. what a story.. a totally engrossing one. ATB for BAT.

  10. That's so chilling one! Perfectly suitable for the previous edition too.... Narration made it so good...

  11. Engrossing story. I am glad for Sheetal!

  12. I loved the way you turned tables on the criminal in the end! A very engrossing, well told story!

  13. You definitely know the art of getting someone glued to your work.I tell you, this was one of the best one which I read in this year's BAT. Of course ,its situations and circumstances which make people like that. Even I believe that his past was horrendous and may be thats what made him do such henious acts. Good for Sheetal. Good luck!

  14. Do write more. Look forward to reading more.

  15. @Rat: Thanks for the comments although I feel uncomfortable referring you as rat :)

    Harikrishna: Thank you :)

    aativas: I wanted Sheetal to be victorious and come out unscathed but in real very few girls can escape in such situations :(

    Meenakshi: Thanks :)

  16. TSW: I was a bit apprehensive when penning this. I dint want to give justification for rapists, because there is nothing that justifies such heinous crimes. But the truth is most serial rapists are themselves victims of violation in past.

    unknownshri: Thanks for the kind words :)

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    The blotted shorts reminded me of Kite runner :(

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