Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stubble Trouble

It is such a glorious night,
The moon shining so bright,
It has to be fate,
On this perfect night, you and I are on a date.

You inch closer to me,
“Kiss?” your eyes ask, I agree.
You put your arms around my waist,
Slowly, I say, let’s not spoil things by haste.

The perfect night is just an excuse,
Our first kiss is the real reason I deduce,
You bring your face closer to mine,
But all I do is cry out in pain and whine.

Oh Man, why can’t you shave, I quip,
How would you feel if I grow prickly bristles on my lip?
When you run your fingers on my chin, all you feel is skin smooth and shiny,
When I give a peck on your cheeks, I feel the pricks of pins so spiny.

Ashamed, you bow your head and walk away,
Only to return a few minutes later, walking with a confident sway.
I see that my grumbling has made your heart faze,
Cause you and your stubble have parted ways

So finally we have our perfect first kiss,
Which, if you hadn’t shaved, I would have given a miss
So now I know what makes you crave,
All it takes is a kiss as a bait to make you shave.

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  1. The beginning two lines of the second last paragraph is bang on, wish all men can feel what they lack when they don't shave. A lovely read and all the very best dear :)

  2. Thanks Saru, I showed this to my husband so that he gets the hint ;)

  3. witty one...message really well put