Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Betrayal

He hugged his wife, smelling the sweet scent of jasmine in her hair.

She took the knife in her hand, and stabbed it into his back.

Her boyfriend came out of hiding and they both started kissing passionately, ignoring the dying man a few feet away.

“Cut”, yelled the director and the scene was cleared.


  1. Ah, awesome.....the climax came out of nowhere... :)

  2. Fragmented. Maybe the reason why it was so impressive and attention-grabbing. Well done.

  3. Arumugam Sir: Thank you.

    Ritesh: Oh yeah, I wanted to keep the suspense alive :)

    Enigmatic Soul: Yes it does seem fragmented, kind of like 'blink and the picture changes', thanks :)

    Faridaji: Thanks for the comment :)