Saturday, December 15, 2012

Why Women Like Bad Boys

I sincerely believed that the clan of good, courteous gentlemen were long extinct from the face of earth until I had a chance meeting with one of them in my office. It so happened that my friend (the guy belonging to the rare species) and I were waiting for the lift. The lift stopped at our floor but my friend, who was a few steps ahead of me, dint get into the lift. I looked up in confusion and wee bit of irritation to check what was keeping this guy from getting into the lift. To my surprise, I found the guy making a hand-waving movement to me, gesturing me to get into the lift first. 
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I was stunned for few minutes, I never expected such a gesture of chivalry from men of today. The feminine side of me was charmed to a large extent. I was gushing like a schoolgirl the whole day. But few days of being in the guy’s company made me realize that we women don’t appreciate the gentlemanly behavior well, because I was fed up of the chivalry. I mean, how much could I take of the hand-waving gestures, the ‘its-ok-I-will-pay-for-your-coffee’ words. I earn, I pay for my own coffee, damn it. I don’t mind if you foot the bill for the first few coffees, but after a couple of times it makes me feel like a lame dame, like I cannot take care of myself. I was not brought up that way. Is something wrong with me? Maybe.

If my husband were to turn all chivalrous with me, then I would be skeptical. I would be sure that he would have some hidden intentions behind the gallant behavior and it would drive me crazy guessing what he was up to. I would prefer him the way he is now, that is, arguing with me every time we go out to eat as to whose turn it is to pay the restaurant bill :)

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This gets me to the topic of why girls get attracted to the bad guys. Introduce two men in a girl’s life, one a good guy who opens the door for her, pulls out the chair for her, and pays all her bills. And another a dark, brooding, rugged, bike-racing kind of guy whose idea of a date is taking the girl out for a burger joint or maybe a drive-in theatre where, if he’s lucky enough, he’ll be able to make out with the girl . And the chances are that, the girl will be attracted to the bad guy, the bike racing, the leather jacket wearing kind of guy. Why? 

Is it the thrill, the sense of adventure that makes women seek out these bad guys. 

I personally believe that women love tragedies, they love crying. So when they go out with the bad guys, they are sub-consciously aware that they are heading for heart-break, for turmoil. And this makes their heart race faster than a prize-winning derby horse.

I appreciate men in this regard, because their views and choices are very clear. They would prefer to date ladies who can handle their drinks well, who enjoy dancing and who are generally “open-minded”. But if they are on the lookout for long-lasting relationships or marriages then they would like to meet only women who speak well, who dress well and conduct themselves well in the society. In short the “parantha-making” type of women. 

There’s lot to learn from men, I say.


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